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July 21-22, 2009 * Cultural Center of the Philippines



There is no doubt that the introduction of Digital Video (DV) Technology in 2000 has revolutionized filmmaking in the Philippines . Just as the high cost of celluloid had concentrated the production of films in the hands of a few producers whose main concern was business for profit, so the very affordable cost of digital video has democratized filmmaking and given birth to a new generation of filmmakers who can now pursue their own artistic visions in film without being forced to compromise for commercial considerations.

With the entry of alternative producers into film production and with the establishment of grant-giving bodies like Cinemalaya and Cinema One and the recognition and prestige conferred on artistic films by festival competitions and award-giving bodies both here and abroad, independent film grew by leaps and bounds in the last five years not only in Manila but also in the regions. In fact and truth to tell, indie films have constituted the greater majority of all the films produced in the whole country in the last five years, and this does not include the many indie films that did not make it to commercial theaters.

Given the phenomenal growth of independent filmmaking in the whole country and the endless peregrinations of Filipino indie films from one international festival to another from which many have brought home an astounding harvest of prestigious awards, perhaps it is time to take stock of what has been produced by the indie filmmakers in the last five years, so that the growth of the indie film may be gauged from a national perspective, so that the value of the artistic achievements of indie films may be properly weighed and so that indie filmmakers may assess for themselves, together with their audiences and sponsors, their present problems and their prospects for development in the future.

The Cinemalaya Film Congress 2009 has the following aims:

1) To discover the major centers of independent filmmaking in the country and identify their significant film artists and cinematic productions;

2) To assess the artistic achievement of the cinematic works produced by indie filmmakers from all over the country in the last five years, especially from the point of view of artistic vision, integrity and independence;

3) To invite indie filmmakers from different regions such as Manila , Bacolod , Naga and Davao to speak about the state of indie filmmaking in their areas, identifying their strengths and weaknesses in terms of the production, distribution and exhibition of their films; and

4) To establish a formal or informal network of indie filmmaking centers all over the country in order to consolidate all indie filmmakers especially in their efforts to create, promote and market independent films both here and abroad.


DAY 1 (July 21, 2009, Tuesday)

8:30 – 9:00 AM Registration

9:00 – 9:15 Opening Session

Welcome Remarks and Introduction: Nicanor G. Tiongson

Congress Director

9:15 – 9:45 Keynote Speaker: Nestor O. Jardin


Festival Director

9:45 – 11:30 Panel 1: Visions Fulfilled, Visions Failed:

A. Indie Films and Filmmakers from NCR

Cinemalaya, Cinema One Lito B. Zulueta

Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino

Schools, Student Groups, Others Roland B. Tolentino

Film Professor and


B. Indie Films and Filmmakers from the Regions

Indie Films and Filmmakers from Bacolod

Screening: (a mini-docu)

Panelist: Gabby Fernandez

Indie Films and Filmmakers from Naga


Panelist: Rudyard Pesimo

Indie Films and Filmmakers from Davao


Panelist: Teng Mangansakan

Moderator: Dennis Marasigan

Vice President, International

Institute of Film and Arts (IIFA)

11:30 – 12:00 NN Open Forum

12:00 – 1:30 PM Lunch Break

1:30 – 3:15 Panel 2: Indie Filmmaking in NCR:

Best Practices and Prospects

Panelists: Coreen Jimenez (Arkeo Films)

Adolfo Alix, Jr. (Bicycle Pictures)

Arleen Cuevas (Cinematografica)

Ronald Arguelles (Cinema One Originals)

Raymond Lee (UFO)

Moderator: Manet Dayrit

Film Editor

Open Forum

3:15 – 5:00 Panel 3: Indie Filmmaking in Luzon :

Best Practices and Prospects


Panelists: Vincent Silarde (Southern Tagalog Exposure)

Celeste Lumasac (UP – Baguio )

Adonis Rugeria (Naga)

Jason Laxamana (Pampanga)

Ditsi Carolino

Moderator: Mario Hernando

Manunuri ng Pelikulang Pilipino

Open Forum

DAY 2 (July 22, 2009, Wednesday)

9:30 – 10:45 AM Panel 4: Indie Filmmaking in the Visayas:

Best Practices and Prospects


Panelists: Publio Briones III ( Cebu )

Jay Abello ( Bacolod )

Ray Gibraltar ( Iloilo )

Ian Casocot (Dumaguete)

Moderator: Ed Lejano

Film Professor

Open Forum

10:45 – 12:00 NN Panel 5: Indie Filmmaking in Mindanao :

Best Practices and Prospects


Panelists: Hobart Savior (CDO)

Sheron Dayoc (Zamboanga)

Dax Cañedo ( Davao )

Arnel Mardoquio ( Davao )

Moderator: Arminda Santiago

Film Professor

Open Forum

12:00 – 1:30 PM Lunch Break

1:30 – 3:30 Panel 6: A National Network of Indie Filmmakers

Panelists: Margie Templo (Arkeo Films) – NCR

Doy del Mundo (IFC) – NCR

Teddy Co (NCCA Cinema Committee)

Adonis Rugeria – Luzon

Gabby Fernandez – Visayas

Dax Cañedo – Mindanao

Moderator: Ed Cabagnot

Cinemalaya Festival Programmer

Open Forum

3:30 – 4:00 Congress Panel Reports

Rapporteurs: Libay Cantor

Lynette Quintillan

Cenon Palomares

Nonoy Lauzon

Nikki Garde-Torres

Patrick Campos

4:00 – 4:30 Summary of Recommendations and Resolutions

Nicanor G. Tiongson

Congress Director

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Mogwai Screenings July 6 to July 11

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This week: documentaries! From gangsters to gamers, we look at real life triumphs and tragedies, forgoing the fabricated drama of fiction and getting straight to the truth.

8 PM – The End
Directed by NIcolla Collins
If you've ever seen a Guy Ritchie film, then you know all about Cockney gangsters, the strangely charismatic, fast talking thugs that operate out of the East End of London. Nicolla Collins interviews her father and her friends, infamous criminals from another era, rising out of poverty and dreaming of a better life that could only be achieved through unsavory means, detailing a bloody history that has developed into its own mythology.

8 PM – Taxi to the Dark Side
Written and Directed by Alex Gibney
In 2002, an innocent Afghan taxi driver was tortured and killed by American soldiers while being held in extrajudicial detention at Bagram Air Base. Alex Gibney uses this story as a launching point for an unflinching examination of U.S. anti-terror policy after 9/11. Winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2007, Taxi to the Dark Side is both shocking and sobering, a document of the darkness that people are capable of.

8 PM – The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
Directed by Seth Gordon
For over two decades, Billy Mitchell held the world record for the highest score on the videogame Donkey Kong. For over two decades, Mitchell had no real challengers for his record. But an unassuming algebra teacher named Steve Wiebe appears to have the chops to beat his record. Unfortunately for Wiebe, the world of competitive video game high score setting is much more complicated than he could ever imagine.

8 PM – Tyson
Written and Directed by James Toback
There was a time when Mike Tyson was the most celebrated athlete on the planet. He was the youngest champion in history. He unified the belts in the heavyweight division, becoming the undisputed greatest boxer of his time. He had his own videogame. But now Tyson is known more for his punchlines than his punches. James Toback takes a look back at his life, trying to make sense of the boxer's meteoric rise and catastrophic fall.

8 PM – Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father
Written and Directed by Kurt Kuenne
In 2001, Andrew Bagby was murdered near his home. A childhood friend of his, filmmaker Kurt Kuenne, decided to meet all of Bagby's friends and family to film some sort of tribute for him. But everything changes when it's discovered that Bagby may have an unborn child in the womb of the woman that killed him. Kuenne sets out to provide a way to let that child know about the father he never knew, all the while documenting a legal struggle to gain custody of that child. Dear Zachary, despite being snubbed by awards-giving bodies, is one of the most critically acclaimed films of last year, a harrowing, heartfelt tale that's difficult to leave behind.

8 PM – Religulous
Directed by Larry Charles
Written by Bill Maher
Comedian Bill Maher travels around the world talking to people of various faiths, among them fundamentalist Christians, Hasidic Jews, Roman Catholics, Muslims, and Cantheists (worshippers of Cannabis) to prove a very controversial point: that all organized religion is, at its core, ridiculous. Religulous is at times informative, and sometimes a little hateful, but it's mostly entertaining. It isn't the fairest documentary ever made, but it's pretty funny anyway.

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Join the HIP HOP NATIONAL INTERSCHOOL Dance Championships!

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The hip hop fever is evident in movies, television, music and fashion. In fact, this trend has already conquered the Filipino youth's way of life, especially in dance. The success of Filipino dancers in international competitions has inspired local dance groups to shift gears by adopting hip-hop as their primary dance style. Since the upturn of hip-hop dancers around the country is phenomenal, the Philippine Dance Network, OBRA Incorporated and NAME Multimedia Production joins the bandwagon by launching DANCEPINOY.COM HIP HOP NATIONAL, a series of hip hop dance competitions happening in the country.

Hip Hop National will launch the Inter-school Championships as its kick-off category and its two levels: the High School & College divisions on September 26 & 27, 2009!

We would be very glad if your great school can be part of this exciting event! Feel free to contact Hermes Gacutan, the HHN Coordinator for College Division at 0918 934-7180 / 801-3452 or Casper Pangilinan, the HHN Coordinator for High School Division at 0919-874 7472 / 09162728462 or email dancepinoy@gmail. com.




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Good day!

A production thesis for the De La Salle University-Manila Communication Arts is seeking its cast.

This production is in need of committed and talented actors who have the time and are willing to work for the love and passion for cinema. Auditions will be held at De La Salle University-Manila, St. Miguel Building, Rm 211 (date is to be announced). Shhoot will be this July 2009.

Please read the production brief and the list of characters below.

Send us an e-mail of your profile/intention with your current photo as attachment at
dlsu.sibol@gmail. com

Thank you very much!

This 20-minute fictional narrative video, that will feature a coming-of-age drama that portrays realistic situations in the life of a fifteen-year- old boy. The boy spends his vacation in the province of his father where he devoted most of his time with his childhood best friend. In this film he will find himself coming to terms with his sexuality, falling in love for the first time and discovering the true meaning of love and friendship.

-15 years old (or must look 15 y/o)
- Proficient in English and Filipino
- Medium built
- Confused gay

- 15 years old (or must look 15 y/o)
- Proficient in Filipino
- Medium Built
- Typical Filipino beauty

- 15 years old (or must look 15 y/o)
- Proficient in Filipino
- Morena
- Filipina Beauty
- Petite

- about 40 years old
- mommy
- Filipina beauty

For more information please contact:
Kat - 09062866351
Mariel - 09177925221
Ali - 09273668862

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TIM TOMLINSON POETRY WORKSHOP: Mag:net Katipunan + Rio Alma's Poetry CD Launch

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New York Writers Workshop president Tim Tomlinson will offer free poetry workshop on July 27, 2p.m. onwards, at Magnet Gallery in Katipunan.

For interested parties, please submit your biodata and poems to vimnadera@yahoo. com.

During the Open Mic Gig, at 7 p.m., National Artist Virgilio Almario will launch the CD of his poetry called "Tigre sa Zoo" featuring G.P. Abrajano, Rebecca Añonuevo, Teo Antonio, Michael Coroza, Njel de Mesa, Oshin Kitane, Ruth Elynia Mabanglo, Vim Nadera, Victor Nierva, Jovy Peregrino, Frank Rivera, Iona Santos, and other surprise guests .

Come one, come all!

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Call for Manuscripts for the 9th Ateneo National Writers' Workshop (ANWW)

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The Ateneo Institute of Literary Arts and Practices (AILAP) is accepting applicants for the 9th Ateneo National Writers' Workshop(ANWW) to be held from Oct. 19-22, 2009.

Each applicant should submit a portfolio in triplicate of any of the following: five poems, three short stories written in Filipino or English with a title page bearing the author's pseudonym and a table of contents.

The portfolio must also be accompanied by a CD containing a file of the documents saved in MSWord or Rich Text format .

All submissions must include a sealed envelope containing the author's name, address, contact number , e-mail address and a one-page resume including a literary CV with a 1X1 ID picture.

Eight fellows will be chosen from all over the country. Food and accommodations will be provided. Please address entries to or AILAP c/o Department of Filipino, School of Humanities , 3rd Flr. Dela Costa Bldg. Ateneo de Manila University , Loyola Heights , Quezon City 1108.

Deadline of submission will be on Aug. 30, 2009 . For more information, visit , or call 426-6001 loc. 5320 or e-mail .

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Japan Foundation Announces Exciting Events for July – Philippines-Japan Friendship Month

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Japan Foundation Announces Exciting Events for July – Philippines-Japan Friendship Month

Philippines-Japan Friendship Month  flyerPosted on June 04, 2009

The Japan Foundation (JF), with its aim to promote and encourage cultural exchange and cooperation between the Philippines and Japan, announces its line up of programs to celebrate Philippines-Japan Friendship Month in July. There is something for everyone as the Japan Foundation showcases the best of Japanese cinema, visual arts, music, dance, and theater with premier Filipino talents for the whole month of July.

To warm up the mix of activities, the Japan Foundation has invited Ms. Maki Morishita, a multi-awarded Japanese contemporarydance artist to join the WiFi Body 4: Contemporary WiFI Body 4Dance Festival, on June 25 – July 4 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Some of the highlights of the program are a performance of an original collaboration piece by Ms. Morishita with Filipino dance artists, and the announcement of the winner of the WiFi-JF-CCP NeXtage Award.

For the past 2 years, the JF has supported WiFi’s “New Choreographers Competition” and endorsed its winners to the Yokohama Contemporary Dance Competition and other Japanese contemporary dance programs. Last year’s WiFi winner, Rhosam Prudenciado, Jr. was recently awarded the 2009 Yokohama Dance Collection R Grand Prize.

Japanese theater is represented by Yoji Sakate’s “Three Sisters: A Noh Play”, in the Virgin Labfest Anthology, a Philippine publication featuring fifteen of the best plays of the festival in the past 4 years. The anthology will be launched during the 5th Virgin Labfest, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines from June 24 – July 5.

This year, Kiyokazu Yamamoto’s “Kitchen Medea” will be among the fifteen new plays to be shown publicly for the first time in the 5th Virgin Lab Fest. Japanese director, Toshihisa Yoshida helms the Filipino cast.

Eigasai 2009The much-awaited Eiga Sai formally heralds the opening of Philippines-Japan Friendship Month on July 2, Thursday at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall. It will then be brought to Davao (July 18-19) at the Gaisano South Citimall; Cebu (July 28-August 2) at the Ayala Center, and Baguio ( August 7-11) at the Centermall.

Jirokichi the RatThe Japan Foundation participates in the third installment of the Silent Film Festival, co-organized with the Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantes, the French Embassy and other diplomatic offices, with the screening of the Japanese silent film, “Jirokichi, The Rat”, which opens the festival on July 30, Thursday at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

On July 31, Friday, 7:00 pm, Mr. Larry Greenberg, a Japanese silent films expert and CEO of Digital Meme (the company responsible for restoring and conserving Japanese silent films), will show his varied collection of Japanese anime and silent films at theUniversity of the Philippines Film Institute. The screenings will be followed by a lecture to introduce the uniqueness and culturally entertaining side of Japanese films to Filipino movie-goers.

Visual Arts
Passage to the Future ExhibitEleven of Japan’s younger generation of artists are featured in “Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan”, a contemporary arts exhibition opening at the mcad (Museum of Contemporary Art and Design), DLS-CSB School of Design and Art, 950 Pablo Ocampo Street, Malate, Manila, on July 7, 6:00 pm. Forty-two Japanese art pieces inspecting the details of everyday life and the expression of personal perceptions and feelings, will be juxtaposed with works by Filipino contemporary artists. Marian Pastor Roces curates. Exhibition will run until August 7, Friday.

J-Classic ConcertA musical highlight of the month is the “J-Classic Concert: A Night of Japanese Harmony”, featuring four of Japan’s fast-rising young classical musicians – Susumu Aoyagi (piano), Takako Hagiwara (flute), Ayako Ishikawa (violin), and Risa Kataoka (koto) – with Filipino classical and jazz guitarist, Sixto “Butch” Roxas on July 14 (Tuesday) and 15 (Wednesday), 7:30 PM, at the CCP Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino (Little Theater), Cultural Center of the Philippines, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.

On July 16, Thursday morning, the Japanese musical quartet will hold a music workshop and share current trends in teaching and learning classical music at the UST Conservatory of Music. In the afternoon, Japanese music producer, Hiroyuki Takashima, will give a talk on his experience in the Japanese music industry, including his encounter in bringing the Beatles to Japan.

J-Pop and Anime fans are invited to watch the Grand Finale of the J-POP Anime Singing Competition on July 25, Saturday, 2 pm at the Activity Center of Market! Market!, Taguig City, as ten best groups sing their way to prevail as the 1st ever J-Pop Anime Singing Competition Winners. The competing groups will perform one (1) Japanese song popularized in anime or J-Pop. Embassy of Japan Certificates and Japanese Language Scholarships from the Nihongo Center Foundation await the top three winners.

All events, except for the Silent Film Festival screenings, are free of charge to the public. Reservations are encouraged as event venues may have limited audience capacity. For inquiries and reservations, please call the Japan Foundation, Manila at telephone numbers 811-6155 to 58; or email:,ph. Event details can be checked at the JFM website: or the JFM Facebook page.


For information: Bambi Diaz,
Tel #s 811-6155 to 58

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The Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM) and the mcad, Museum of Contemporary Art and Design of the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts, present a contemporary art collaboration featuring the Japanese exhibition, “Passage to the Future: Art from a New Generation in Japan” back to back with the Filipino display entitled, “Draw/Back”, curated by Marian Pastor-Roces, at the mcad, g/f DLS-CSB-SDA, 950 P. Ocampo St., Malate, Manila from July 7 to August 7. The exhibit is co-organized by the Embassy of Japan, and is a special event marking July as the Philippines-Japan Friendship Month.

For the opening on July 7 (Tuesday), visiting Japanese contemporary dance artist, Shigemi Kitamura and young award-winning Filipino choreographer/ dancer Rhosam Prudenciado, Jr. perform their signature dance pieces, amidst the fresh and dynamic creations by the Filipino and Japanese visual artists.

“Passage to the Future” is a traveling exhibition focusing on art produced in Japan at the beginning of the 21st century by eleven new Japanese artists who are now attracting a great deal of attention in the global art scene. They are Atsushi Fukui, Satoshi Hirose, Maywa Denki, Tomoyasu Murata, Tetsuya Nakamura, Katsuhiro Saiki, Masafumi Sanai, Yoshihiro Suda, Tabaimo, Nobuyuki Takahashi, and Miyuki Yokomizo.

The collection includes paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs and video works concentrating on the smaller and more intimate areas of life – the Japanese artists’ response to the major economic and political shifts in the 90’s. The subject matters were culled from the immediate surroundings of the artists, producing art that strongly reflect their own personal realities. The works present a rich visual impact and reveal a strong attention in the process of making things.

“Draw/Back”, the Philippine component of the contemporary art exchange, gathers a particular genre of drawings by young Filipinos, principally among the student population of the CSB-SDA, drawing in the style of Japanese anime. The curator, Marian Pastor-Roces explains that Draw/Back “represents an opportunity to meditate on the cultural diffusion of a drawing style from Japan to the Philippines, and further explores how anime has been ‘Filipinized’.”

The exhibition is open to the public, free of charge. For more details on this project and related events of the Philippines-Japan Friendship Month, please contact the Japan Foundation, Manila at telephone numbers 811-6155 to 58, email:, or log on to .

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Arnold Arre's "Chapter:-One" short film screening

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Arnold Arre's "Chapter:-One" short film screening

Hope you can make it to the screening of Arnold Arre's very first short film. Tuesday night, July 7, U-view at the basement of Fully Booked High Street. Admission is completely free. (:

Running time: 27 minutes

1st screening - 8 pm
2nd screening - 8:45 pm

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AFM Ciné Club presents " Code Inconnu "

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ACPI's Animahenasyon Festival 2009 Call for Entries

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Animation Council of the Philippines launches Animahenasyon 2009

The Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI) is calling all budding and professional animators from across the country to participate and submit their animated works to Animahenasyon 2009: 3rd Pinoy Animation Festival, as it formally opens and accepts entries to this year's festival. Entry forms may be downloaded from the ACPI web site at <http://www.animatio ncouncil. org>. The deadline for submission of entries is on September 15. Animahenasyon 2009 will be held from November 25 to 28 at the Gateway Mall Araneta Center.

In an effort to build an audience, awareness and development of original contents, ACPI puts together its flagship project through an annual animation festival called Animahenasyon that showcases original animated works of both aspiring and professional animators in the country through a competition.

The festival is composed of the professional and the student/amateur divisions that will have different running time categories: 1 to 5 minutes; 6 to 20 minutes, 21 to 60 minutes, and the full-animated feature (more than 60 minutes). There are also categories for music video, title sequence, public information, demo reel, and TV series. There will also be animated works in exhibition (full-length, special citation, and past Animahenasyon winners).

Last year's grand prize winner of Animahenasyon is Love and Marriage, a jab at the folly of racial prejudice in marriage, as seen through the eyes of its Chinese-Filipino filmmaker Kenny Lynn Tai. Love and Marriage is a narrative musical cartoon that relates the story of Chinese-Filipino interracial marriage, and a comic take on this long-standing issue in the Chinese society captured in 7.5 minutes. Tai is graduated from De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde with a degree in Multimedia Arts, and is now a freelance animator.

This year's Animahenasyon will feature a global animation forum where delegates from the continents of North America, Latin America, Canada, Australia and the Asia-Pacific will come to the country and showcase the latest trends and best practices from their respective countries in the field of animation, game development and the digital creative industry in general.

These foreign representatives will present the current state/condition of their industry and feature sample contents from their country. These delegates will also bring with them a group of people for possible business matching in the Philippines. The global animation forum shall provide a venue for exchange among animators, producers, industry supporters, and possible business opportunities

Animahenasyon 2009 will also include an investors' forum where business seminars would be held in conjunction with business meetings. The forum will cover content sales and distribution, outsourcing, co-production, financing and even for education partnerships. This assumes a full day, divided into six sessions of 60 minutes each for presentation with an open forum. This component of Animahenasyon shall help set direction for the development of the animation industry.

Also part of Animahenasyon 2009 is the animation master classes/ workshops, and exhibit of works of this year's lifetime achievement awardee Jose Zabala Santos, nephew of renowned artist Nonoy Marcelo.

Animahenasyon serves as a venue for Filipino animators to present their world-class ideas, and opens doors of opportunities for them to meet with and be inspired by the finest names in the industry. It also aims to create greater awareness of the Philippine animation industry and its contributions to the global entertainment business, while tapping locally produced content for promotion in animation markets here and abroad.

ACPI's vision is to make Philippines as the prime provider of animation and content creation services to the global marketplace. On the other hand, ACPI's mission is to be the center of excellence for animation and content creation services through building more efficient and effective collaborative business practices that will elevate the country's economy and culture.

As an organized body, ACPI aims to promote the Filipino talent both locally and internationally. With the cooperation of its members as well as the Philippine government, it is envisioned that the member studios and schools will be considered competitive both creatively and technologically.

ACPI is a non-stock and non-profit organization whose member companies specialize mainly in, but not limited to, 2D, Flash or 3D animation. It aims to promote the animation industry globally with the intention of creating an identity for the Philippines to be considered amongst the preferred countries that service the animation industry.

For more information about Animahenasyon 2009, please call 483-9501, 8172727 local 108 or email the secretariat at animationcouncil@, or visit www.animationcounci

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Mag:net Katipunan - This July - We're trying some new things!

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First off, TONIGHT we have Playwright Readings for Theater Thursday. Tanghalang Ateneo alumni and some current members and friends have decided to experiment on the works and monologue acts from certain Filipino playwrights. It will be very interesting and we hope to get your feedback on their production.

Next, we have moved the OPEN JAM to July 17 - that's a FRIDAY! We made the entrance fee P75 for both guests and participating musicians. That includes a consumable beverage already. Bring your instruments, your bands, and your friends. There is a topic in the Discussion Board that needs your attention with regard to this.

Other than that, we have other exciting events for the month. Nomer the Mentalist will be performing again. Toasted, Red Ninja Productions and Moonfire Music will be at the cafe this month. Jazz Wednesdays give you free Cerveza Negra. There are a whole lot of new bands you might want to check out as well.

CineKatipunan.MOV also celebrates Joey Gosengfiao's 2nd Death Anniversary this month, on July 16. Don't miss that.

See you at Mag:net!

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Panawagan para sa Kontribusyon ng mga Tula sa TULALAG: MOBILE POETRY PROJECT

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Panawagan para sa Kontribusyon ng mga Tula sa TULALAG: MOBILE POETRY PROJECT
Mula kay Stum Casia:

May mobile poetry project ek-ek [TULAGALAG] ang km64 sa pakikipagtulungan ng Artists' Arrest, kung saan mangungulekta ng mga Anti-Con Ass at Anti ChaCha poems na nakasulat/nakadesign sa 12"x12" na illustration board.

Pedeng collab ng artwork at tula ang mga ambag. Any medium. Any dialect. Mas experimental mas asteg.

Sa araw ng SoNA ni Malditang GMA, ieexhibit ang mga makukolektang mga tula/artwork sa mga pink fence sa Commonwealth.

Pedeng dalhen ang mga ambag simula July 6 sa Mag:net Katipunan [7-9pm] at sa July 7 Conspiracy bar [6-9pm].

Pede ring itext ang mga tula 09278313273, 09322743366.

Pede rin i-email sa

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Call for Submissions - Obverse Issue One

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Pinoypoets is calling for submissions for the inaugural issue of Obverse, its online literary journal.

The focus of issue one is collaborative poetry. We invite you to submit collaborative poems or essays on the said subject.

For more information visit:

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IIFA "Commercials Production" Certificate Course

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To those interested,

You may contact us through our Makati office 8187201 look for Opaline or Dennis Marasigan. Or email intlfilmschool@, iifa.manila@

Hope to see you soon.

God Bless,

Cris Mojica

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Repertory Philippines Newsletter: THE FANTASTICKS OPENS THIS FRIDAY!!!

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The wait is over! Buy your tickets now, don’t wait for the last minute! One of the most beloved and most enduring musicals of all time finally opens this Friday, July 3.

Relive the magic and the charm of The Fantasticks with songs like "Try To Remember", "They Were You" and "Soon It's Gonna Rain", songs as timeless as the story itself. THE FANTASTICKS has been performed in every state and nearly every corner of the world, and continues to be performed by theatre groups, large and small. If a show opens in 1960 and is still running after over 17,162 performances, one can reasonably assume it is a good show in every sense of the word. Musical theater fans trying to remember the kind of September when this beloved Tom Jones–Harvey Schmidt tuner wasn't playing won't be able to think of many. Now a nationwide chestnut, the original Off-Broadway show ran a record-breaking 42 years.

Headlining the cast as Matt & Louisa are young talented actors PJ Valerio and Julia Abueva. Completing the cast is a respectable list of theater veterans. Jake Macapagal stars as El Gallo. The Fathers are played by Dido de la Paz and Jaime del Mundo Bellomy and Hucklebee. Miguel Faustman reprises his role as Henry, the old actor. Relative newcomer to the stage but already making waves is Red Concepcion as Mortimer.

Don’t miss out on this chance to catch one of the most beloved musicals of all time! Log on to for more info on Rep plays!

“The Fantasticks” runs from July 3 to July 26 at Onstage, Greenbelt 1, with performances on Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00PM and Saturdays & Sundays at 3:30PM.

Ticket prices:

Orchestra Center (reserved seating): PHP600.00

Orchestra Side: PHP400.00

Balcony: PHP300.00

For tickets and inquiries call 887-0710. Log on to to find out more about REP!

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"Brutus" Showing on July 8-14 at Robinsons Galleria's Indie Sine

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Showing on July 8-14 at Robinsons Galleria's Indie Sine

"BRUTUS, Ang Paglalakbay"

(BRUTUS, the Journey)

Running Time: 110 minutes


The 2008 Cinemalaya full-length film entitled "Brutus" is a fictionalized retelling of facts about the environmental degradation of Mindoro: two Mangyan teen-agers are paid by illegal loggers to smuggle wood to the lowlands. They hide them underneath a bamboo raft and float them for several days through dangerous white water. What follows is a journey that tests their friendship and their values; and opens up their eyes to a world new to them; a world dictated by ideologies and material need. Ultimately they find themselves caught in the conflict between the Military and the NPA.

"Brutus" is an adventure film that has a lot to say about a vanishing culture threatened by man's abuses. It explores the struggle of a people who aspire to live well, with dignity and in harmony with nature.

Brutus stars Yul Servo and Ronnie Lazaro, featuring Rhea Medina and Timothy Mabalot as the Mangyan kids. It is written and directed by Tara Illenberger, produced by Bonfire Productions and sponsored by the NCCA (National Commission on Culture and the Arts) and the PTFC (Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation).

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Award-winning filmmakers join contemporary dancer Myra Beltran
to explore time and simultaneity on July 4

July 4, 2009, 8pm
Tanghalang Aurelio Tolentino, Cultural Center of the Philippines
as part of the Wifibody Independent Contemporary Dance Festival 4
For ticket inquiries, call CCP Box Office 832-3704.

Contemporary dance artist Myra Beltran will collaborate with award-winning filmmakers to explore the inter-relation of the past, present and future in the creation of choreography and dance.

Real Time features a mini-retrospective of Beltran's works that have been premiered in Dance Forum productions. Highlights include "Becoming," premiered in 1996 for Birdwoman, Pundaquit Festival of the Earth and one of Beltran's signature solos; "Scarred is beautiful," premiered in 2003; and Tra-ver-sing (Pagbabagtas- bagtas), premiered earlier this year.

Videos are by Ruelo Lozendo (Special Jury Prize at the Cinema One Originals Digital Film Festival 2008 for "Kolorete"); Sherad Anthony Sanchez (Woosuk Best Film Award and Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema Award at the 10th Jeonju International Film Festival 2009, South Korea for "Imburnal"); and Paul Morales (Official Selection for Politics on Film Festival 2009, Washington, DC, USA and Kidlat Tahimik Bamboo Camera Award 2009 for "Concerto").

Other choreographers featured in "Real Time" include Rhosam Prudenciado, Jr.'s "Automated Love;" Jethro Pioquinto's "Kakaibang Rosas;" Ava Maureen Villanueva's "Stealing Image;" and Paul Morales' "Transmission. "

Real Time features dancers from Airdance and U.P. Dance Company and incorporates music, video and projected photography created by various artists. Some pieces will use music created by the Asian Composers' League Philippines headed by composer/conductor Josefino "Chino" Toledo.

Notable past collaborators include National Artist for Visual Arts Ben "Bencab" Cabrera; filmmaker Carlos Siguion-Reyna; and violinist Coke Bolipata (in "Nostalgia: le grand tango").

"Real Time" is presented by Dance Forum with friends and collaborators (Airdance, Asian Composers League Philippines, UP Dance Co., and filmmakers).

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UBOD Writers Series 2009 Announces Call for Submissions

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UBOD Writers Series 2009 Announces Call for Submissions

The National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the National Committee on Literary Arts (NCLA) and the Ateneo Institute of Literary Arts and Practice (AILAP) are now accepting manuscripts for the UBOD series 2009. 12 writers who have not released book-length titles will be given a chance to have their first book published under UBOD New Authors Series.

Four manuscripts written in four languages of each of the three major Philippine Island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao will be chosen. The manuscript should be 40-60 pages in chapbook length. 20-40 poems or 5-10 short fiction. The most exceptional pieces in their manuscript shall be translated into Filipino or English.

Send two copies of the manuscript to the Ateneo Institute of Literary Arts and Practice (AILAP) c/o The Department of Filipino, 3rd Floor Dela Costa Bldg., School of Humanities , Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Heights , Quezon City 1108. Include a CD of the manuscript and one page curriculum vitae with the author’s name, contact number and e-mail address and 1X1 picture.

Deadline will be on Aug. 15, 2009 .

For inquiries, please e-mail ph or at call 426-6001 loc. 5320-5321.

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Magpasa ng Akda sa ANI 35 (Asian issue) - deadline July 31

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ANI 35 (Asia Issue)


Poems and prose by Filipinos embodying their vision of an Asian community. Works must tackle or depict how Filipinos relate or interact with Asian culture/s similar or different from their own Philippine culture. Translation into Filipino of Asian poetry is accepted. In case of translated works, it is understood that the contributor has secured the permission of the copyright owner of the original work. Contributions may be in Filipino, English or any Philippine language with an accompanying translation in Filipino or English.

The CCP Literary Arts Division is accepting works which must typed double-spaced on 81/2” x 11” and sent to They should be accompanied with a 5-sentence paragraph about the author. Deadline of submission is July 31, 2009.

For further information, contact the CCP Literary Arts Division,
4/F Tanghalang Pambansa, Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex,
Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City.
Telephone Number 832-1125 loc. 1706, 1707.
FAX No. 8330267.

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Ikaanim na Isyu ng Bulawan Online / Bulawan Online 6th Issue

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Magandang araw!

Lumabas na po ang ikaanim na isyu ng Bulawan Online, tampok ang mga tula, sanaysay, pagsusuri, at panayam nina Nanoy Rafael, Porferio Requinto, Charles Bonoan Tuvilla, Roberto T. Añonuevo, Romulo P. Baquiran Jr., at Virgilio S. Almario.

Magpunta lamang po sa www.bulawanonline. com.

Patuloy naming hinihikayat ang mga batikan at nagsisimulang makata at manunulat na magpasa ng kanilang mga akda sa lathalaan.

Mula sa mga editor:

ISYU BLG. 6. Ipinagmamalaking ilathala ng Bulawan Online sa isyung ito ang katangi-tanging mga akdang pampanitikan sa mga buwan ng Hunyo-Hulyo 2009.

Tampok din sa isyung ito ang retrato ni Randel Urbano, ang Saan?.

Mga sipi mula sa mga akda:

Tahimik na Pagkasindak sa Pagkatok ng Bagong Taon sa “Pagpapatuloy” ni Nanoy, pagbása ni Romulo P. Baquiran Jr. sa tula ni Nanoy Rafael:

“Nabubuo ang paglalarawan sa daigdig ng persona sa pamamagitan ng pagtatambal ng magkakasalungat o magkakahawig na tagpo at elemento. May epekto ito ng pagpapatindi ng partikular na katangian, impresyon, at signipikasyong tila ipinapahiwatig lamang ng mga salita at imahen. Sa pagtatagpo ng salungatan at pagtutulad, nagkakaroon ng katiyakan ang nakapailalim o kubling ibig sabihin sa tula.”

Lunan at ang Paglalarawan ng Tagpo, pagbása ni Roberto T. Añonuevo sa mga tula nina Porferio Requinto at Charles Bonoan Tuvilla:

“Maselang gawain ang paglalarawan ng mga tagpo, lalo kung ang mga tagpo ay nagpapahiwatig ng kung anong damdamin o kaisipan mula sa isang tiyak na persona. Ang tagpo ay maituturing na ekstensiyon ng persona, bagaman ang tagpo kung minsan ay maaaring taliwas sa ipinahihiwatig ng isip, loob, at kilos ng persona. Ang tagpong tinutukoy dito ay hindi lamang ang lunan sa tula, bagkus sumasaklaw din sa kalooban o isipan ng persona hinggil sa espasyo at panahon na kaniyang ginagalawan.”

Therapy, sanaysay ni Romulo P. Baquiran Jr.:

“Hindi pa rin basta maidiin ang paa at baka mabaklas ang bakal at buto sa loob. Puwedeng pagsimulan ng kanser ang kahit gabuhok na lamat sa buto. Paano ang malaking lamat, malaking kanser ang epekto? Huwag naman. Hindi lamang lamat ang nangyari sa buto ko, nadurog. Baka sumambulat ang kanser sa sakong ko niyan. Ano ba ang gamot sa hypochondria?”

Pamulinawen: Isang Pagbasa sa Epiko ni Jose A. Bragado, pagsusuri ni Roberto T. Añonuevo:

“Nakapanghihinayang na ang paksang umuurirat sa digmaan ay waring hanggang komiks pa rin ang pagdulog. Ang kabayanihan ay laging nakasentro sa iilang tao, at ang kaligtasan ay laging kaugnay ng paghihiganti imbes na malawak na bisyon para sa Filipino. Baryotiko ang pagtanaw sa pagbubuo ng armadong kilusang ni walang malinaw na ideolohiya o lunggati.”

Kultura ng Kagitingan, panayam ni Virgilio S. Almario:

“Munting pang-araw-araw na kagitingan lamang ang kailangan natin mula sa bawat mamamayang Filipino. Ngunit ginagawa ng táong may kultura ng kagitingan ang kaniyang munting pang-araw-araw na tungkulin dahil alam niyang bahagi iyon ng isang pambansang tungkulin.”

Mga Unang Bayani ng Wikang Pambansa, panayam ni Virgilio S. Almario:

“Isang mahalagang gawain para sa Wikang Pambansa ang pagbuo mismo ng kasaysayan nito. Hanggang ngayon, wala tayong mapagkakatiwalaang kasaysayan hinggil sa naging saligan ng simula at mga mohon ng pag-unlad ng Filipino. Kaya walang sanggunian ang mga guro’t estudyante kahit halimbawa sa pagkakaiba ng Pilipino at Filipino. Wala ring maibigay na wastong paliwanag hinggil sa pagpili ng Tagalog bilang batayan ng Wikang Pambansa. At lalo, walang magamit upang ipagtanggol ang Filipino sa mga kaaway ng Wikang Pambansa.”

Nilalaman din ng bagong isyu ang mga bahaging:

  • Rio Almanac — Alamin kung sino sa mga pinagpipitaganang manunulat at makata ng Filipinas ang isinilang sa Hunyo at Hulyo.
  • Buklatan — Mga bagong aklat na pampanitikan o sa panitikan.

Phillip Y. Kimpo Jr.
pykimpo@gmail. com

Writer, Editor, Website Manager, Website Publisher
President, LIRA (Filipino poetry group)
Member, Writers Union of the Philippines
Staffer, BulawanOnline. com (Filipino literary journal)
Batch 2006, BS Computer Science, University of the Philippines at Diliman

http://phillip. | http://thecorsarius .multiply. com | http://corsarius. net

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Isang Paanyaya para sa Lektyur tungkol sa Kwento at Tulang Pambata

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Lektyur sa Kwento at Tulang Pambata nina
Dr. Eugene Evasco at Propesor Will Ortiz.
July 3, Biyernes

Hatid sa Inyo ng:

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Artist's Talk: Raya Martin

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The Lopez Memorial Museum will have an Artist's Talk featuring Raya Martin on July 18, Saturday, 2-4 pm at the Lopez Memorial Muuseum. Raya Martin's work WMB is one of the pieces on display in the exhibition Double Take, ongoing until September 25, 2009. For inquiries, call 6312417 or email pezseum@skyinet. net or admin@lopez-

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Trumpets invites you to join The Ark !

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Trumpets will be holding auditions for

N.O.A.H. (No Ordinary Aquatic Habitat)

an original Trumpets musical
based on the biblical story.
Written and Directed by Jaime Del Mundo.
Music composed by Rony Fortich.

SHOW INFO: Meralco Theater, Sept 4 - 27, 2009

on July 8, 10AM - 2PM at the TRUMPETS STUDIO

(Trumpets Center for the Performing Arts)
5th floor, STI College Global CIty Building
Fort Bonifacio (across Market Market and Victory).

Pls bring your resume, photo (headshot), minus one for your song (CD or mp3) and wear proper attire for dance.

If you are interested in buying a show, please contact Robi C. Sison at

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Ayala Museum ~ I Am Art Activities This July

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click pic for larger view

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French filmfest goes to UP Diliman

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French filmfest goes to UP Diliman

UP Film Institute screens selected titles from the 14th French Film Festival presented by the Embassy of France in the Philippines .




July 1 Wednesday

2:30 p.m.

La Pianiste (The Piano Teacher)

Directed by Michael Haneke

Winner of Grand Prize of the Jury, Best Actor for Benoit Magimel, Best Actress for Isabelle Huppert—2001 Festival de Cannes

For mature viewing

* Preceded by talk (Overview of the National Cinema of France) with UP Film Institute Faculty Member Patrick Campos

5 p.m.

Les Quatre Cents Coups

(In French without English subtitles especially for French majors and language students)

Directed by Francois Truffaut

Winner of Best Director—1959 Festival de Cannes

7:30 p.m.

Ca Brule

Directed by Claire Simon

Official Selection for Quinzaine de Realisateurs—2006 Festival de Cannes

July 2 Thursday

2:30 p.m.

Marie-Jo et Ses Deux Amours (Marie-Jo and Her Two Lovers)

Directed by Robert Guediguian

Official Selection for Palme d’Or—2002 Festival de Cannes

For mature viewing

5 p.m.


Directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

7:30 p.m.

La Pianiste (The Piano Teacher)

*Repeat Showing


July 2 Thursday

5 p.m. & 7:30 p.m.

A Tout de Suite (Right Now)

Directed by Benoit Jacquot

Official Selection for Un Certain Regard—2004 Festival de Cannes

For mature viewing

*@ the Videotheque (Limited Seats) to be followed by an open forum and a repeat showing at the Ishmael Bernal Gallery

WEEKEND ENGAGEMENT - Main Cinema Screenings

July 4 Saturday

2:30 p.m.


*Repeat Showing

5 p.m.

Van Gogh

Directed by Maurice Pialat

Official Selection for Palme d’Or—1991 Festival de Cannes

7:30 p.m.

Marie-Jo et Ses Deux Amours (Marie-Jo and Her Two Lovers)

*Repeat Showing

Admission is FREE. Screenings at Cine Adarna—UP Film Institute’s cinema building along Magsaysay Avenue in UP Diliman next to the Carillon Tower and the UP Theater across Bahay ng Alumni. Call cinema hotline for further details: 9263640.



Director: Claire Simon
Cast: Camille Varenne, Gilbert Melki, Olivia Willaumez, Kader Mohamed, Marion Maintenay, Morgane Moré, Jean-Quentin Châtelain, Nabil Radi, Mathieu Bagnis
Running time: 1h 51mn

She lives in the Var, she has a horse, and she’s angry.
The exalted love story of an adolescent 15-year-old, with a local man: Jean, 37 years old, teacher, voluntary fireman, married and father of two. It’s the beginning of vacation and the eternity of summer.

Director: Michael Haneke
Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Benoît Magimel, Annie Girardot, Anna Sigalevitch, Susanne Lothar, Udo Samel
Running Time: 2h 10mn

Erika Kohut, 40 years old, is a respectable piano teacher at the Conservatory of Vienna. Living a single life, hardened by a possessive mother, she is a musician who leads a frustrated sex life. Frequenting peep shows and watching porno films, Erika dives into a morbid voyeurism and practices masochism. Until one day, when Walter, a 20-something student falls in love with her. From this affection is born a troubled relationship, emotional and perverted, between master and disciple.


Director: Robert Guédiguian
Cast: Ariane Ascaride, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Gérard Meylan, Julie-Marie Parmentier, Jacques Boudet, Yann Trégouët, Frédérique Bonnal, Souhade Temimi, Maïa Sevleyan, Frédéric Garbe, Danielle Stefan, Jacques Germain, Axel Koehler

Running Time: 2h 5mn
Marie-Jo loves her husband Daniel dearly, but is also passionately in love with her lover Marco. She is torn between the two, with tragic consequences.


Director: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Running time: 2h

In 200, 000 years, humans have disrupted the fragile balance on which Earth was living for 4 billion years. Global warming, shortage of resources, endangered species: humans are jeopardizing their own living conditions. By the end of the century, the relentless consumption will have exhausted almost all of our planet’s natural resources. But it is too late to be pessimistic: we have barely 10 years left to reverse the trend. We need to become aware of our abusive exploitation of Earth’s gifts and change our way of life.

Home is a travel notebook, showing landscapes captured from a bird’s eye view above. This film calls for a new awareness, inviting the viewer to stop for a moment in order to look at our planet and realize how we treat her treasures and her beauty.


Director: Maurice Pialat
Cast: Jacques Dutronc, Gérard Séty, Bernard Le Coq, Alexandra London, Elsa Zylberstein, Corinne Bourdon, Lise Lamétrie
Running time: 2h 35min

Under the care of Doctor Gachet, Vincent Van Gogh arrives in Auvers-sur-Oise in 1890. This is the most productive period of his life, as he finishes hundreds of paintings and drawings in a span of weeks. And yet it is also his most torturous, as he lives out his last days torn between love and despair.

This film is part of the Antoine Doinel Saga
Director: François Truffaut
Cast: Jean-Pierre Léaud, Claire Maurier, Albert Rémy
Running Time: 1h 33min.

This largely autobiographical film by François Truffaut tells the story of the young Antoine, an adolescent with a reputation for being a troublemaker. But is he really a troublemaker, or just a victim of harsh, uncaring adults?


Director: Benoît Jacquot
Cast: Isild Le Besco, Ouassini Embarek, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Laurence Cordier, Fotini Kodoukaki, Catherine Davenier, Nicolas Pignon, David Ayala, Odile Vuillemin, Léonor Graser, Emmanuelle Bercot, Olivier Augrond, Sabri Lahmer, Fatiha Chériguene
Running time : 1h 35mn
Set in the 1970s, A Tout de Suite is the story of a 19-year-old girl who discovers that her lover, seemingly a Prince Charming, is actually a thief who has just committed murder. “Tout de suite,” instantly, her safe and comfortable world is turned upside down and she is swept into an adventure that takes her from Spain to Morocco and Greece .

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