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Start Time: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 at 7:00pm
Location: PABLO FORT
Street: Unit C 11 South of Market Condominium Fort Global City

Symbols and images, just like people, places, things, and events are sometimes indecipherable…But at times, the people, places, things, and the experiences themselves symbolize a thing or two in our life...from life’s mysteries, relationships, hopes, dreams, and fears, there are little thoughts inside our heads connecting us from the strangers and the people we might have met in this journey called life.

The birth of each artwork is a representation of mine, and other people’s beliefs, stand on different social issues, one’s lies, deceptions, empathy, grudges, the highs and lows of faith and politics, little monsters we’ve been keeping inside ourselves, universal mysteries and nakedness, and mush, as it may sound, the love that always enters the picture. From my parents’ visual rendering, to friends’ portrayal of other people’s imaginings, my paints, the stroke of my pen, threads stitched, and paper cutouts intertwined with their lives.

The symbols around us that we may not be aware of signify different sides, different stories, different mirages we sometimes do not want to see. It is up to us how we interpret each and every little picture. One’s thoughts may be different from another, but then again, what I might have pictured inside my head is running into yours right now.

In math, plus and minus signs represent the notions of positive and negative, as well as the operation of addition and subtraction. On my part though, the + sign signify additional perceptions we have over the things surrounding us. We apply the – sign when we tend to judge these things and people, therefore, stealing whatever is left of them. If we interject an * in between, we give birth to new tales, new characters, and new settings to a passé world. Whatever symbol we might stumble upon, be it an asterisk, a minus or plus sign, why not peek deeper into it and discover something new? Because what you don’t know just won’t hurt you.


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