Last Supper No. 3 at IndieSine Robinsons Galleria, February 24 - March 2, 2010

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Independent Filmmakers Cooperative (IFC) in collaboration with Robinsons Movieworld Galleria has created a venue for independent films, IndieSine. This partnership has been made tangible by Galleria’s offer of a home for independent films by virtue of a movie house dedicated to the programming of independent films. In return, IFC has been tasked to book films for the venue and co-manage its operations with Galleria.

This week, IndieSine is featuring:

A film by Veronica B. Velasco


A true story, I solemnly swear.

Best Film, Cinemalaya 2009

February 24 – March 2, 2010

Based on a true story, Last Supper No. 3 is a humorous look at the winding path our legal system takes to justice. Assistant Production Designer Wilson Nañawa is tasked to look for a Last Supper to use as a prop for a TV commercial. He finds three, but loses the one owned by Gareth Pugeda. Wilson life changes forever as he spends the next two years entangled in bureaucracy and red tape facing estafa and serious physical injury charges. How will this ordinary man fare against a system he knows nothing about? Will justice prevail for Wilson Nañawa? Or will he be imprisoned for the loss of Last Supper No. 3?

Film Credits:


Wilson Nañawa - Joey Paras

Gareth Pugeda - Jojit Lorenzo

Andoy Pamatid - JM de Guzman

Aling Suming - Beverly Salviejo

Tita Marla - Debraliz Valesoto

Brgy. Captain - Dante Balois

Atty. Arevalo - Ness Roque

PD “Mamu” - Andoy Ranay

Leah - Cecile Torre

Branch 84 Prosecutor - Marlon Hofer

Branch 84 Interpreter - Rommel Luna

Judge Laurel - Malou Crisologo

Judge Picar - Mark Meily

Fiscal - Bernard Laxa

Clerk - Maricel Soriano

Clerk 2 - Aex Tiglao

Judge Oliveros - Gina Lumauig

TVC Mommy - Kalila Aguilos

TVC Dad - Jason Moss

Ella - Rita Iringan

Boyet - Ronli Vergel de Dios

Setman - Jerry Jumawan

Ale - Liza Lorena

Pulis - Ricky Davao

Maybahay - Ness Agustin

Kapitbahay 2 - Doreen Bernal

Kapitbahay 1 - Nick Olanka

Pasahero ng FX - Alwyn Uytingco

Tricycle Driver - Lauren Navero

Simon - Gino Ramirez

Brgy Secretary - Cherry Lamberte

Production Credits:

Director - Veronica B. Velasco

Producers - Veronica B. Velasco

Pablo Biglang-awa, Jr.

John Silva

Story by - Winston Villanueva Acuyong

Screenplay - Veronica B. Velasco

Jinky Laurel

DOP - Mo Zee

Production Design - Mic Tatad

- Giselle Andres

Sound - Andrew Millalos

- Addiss Tumbong

Music - Dan Gil

Editors - Veronica B. Velasco

Pablo Biglang-awa, Jr.

Executive Producer - Jinky Laurel

Associate Producers - Julia Templo

Maricel Olona

Production Manager - Christopher de Guzma

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