Walang Sugat: Isang Sarsuwela sa Direksyon ni Ricardo Abad

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Isang Sarsuwela sa direksyon ni Ricardo Abad


The final leg of revolution against Spain is closing in on a small town in Bulacan where Tenyong, a country lad, is wooing Julia, his childhood sweetheart - a relationship disapproved by Julia's mother, the widow Juana. A cruel fate forces the lovers apart: Tenyong's father, a Katipunero, is tortured to death by Spanish authorities. To avenge his father's death, Tenyong joins the Katipunan and leaves a sad Julia behind. Months pass and no word from Tenyong reaches Julia who is now under much pressure from her mother to marry the wealthy Miguel, a man she does not love. She painfully concedes to the marriage when she receives news that Tenyong has died in battle. Julia is dejected but stays hopeful. On her wedding day, her heart leaps when soldiers bring a dying Tenyong to church. Tenyong's last wish: to marry Julia before he dies. What shall befall their love that grew in strength in the midst of war? Will this love lose in battle or gain the freedom it sought so dearly?

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