Call for Submissions to Malate Literary Folio

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The Malate Literary Folio, the official literary and visual arts publication of De La Salle University, is inviting interested writers and artists to submit their works of art, photography, fiction, non-fiction and poetry for possible inclusion in the Tomo XVIII, Bilang 1 Issue, which will be released in August this year. The deadline of submissions will be on or before July 13, 2011 (Wednesday). Previously published material is acceptable.
Hereunder are guidelines that we hope would address most concerns:
1.       Contributors are kindly advised to submit works to the following email address:, with the following subject: Submission_Full Name_Title of work (e.g. Submission_James Sanchez_Autobiography). Contributors may also submit the original work (for art/photo) to the Malate Office at Rm. 503-A Bro. Connon Hall, De La Salle University-Manila.
2.       Kindly indicate your contact info (landline/mobile) for faster advisory from the editor if and when the work will be published. The editorial board will only contact (via email notification) contributors whose respective works have been accepted for publication.
3.       We welcome entries in Filipino or English for Fiction, Non-fiction, or Poetry.
4.       Submissions must be sent as .DOC, .RTF, .PDF files for typewritten works and high resolution (300dpi) .JPG, or .PNG files for photographs and artworks unless otherwise required by the nature of the work.
Should you have questions/inquiries regarding submissions, you may contact me personally at 0916-608-4510. You may also contact our Managing Editor (OIC), Kevin Christian Roque, at 0915-661-0813.
Spread the word to other interested parties. Thank you for your continuous support of the Malate Literary Folio.
Respectfully yours,
Joanna Paula Queddeng

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