William Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus

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The De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, School of Design and Arts in cooperation with the graduating class of the Technical Theater program and the Production Design program present:

Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus

Translated & Directed by George De Jesus III

Starring: Joel Saracho
Kalila Aguilos
Mara Marasigan
Joshua Deocareza
Paolo O' Hara
Paul Jake Paule
Gab Santos

AUGUST 4, 2011. (THURS) 1PM & 7PM
AUGUST 5, 2011. (FRI) 1PM & 7PM


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Titus Andronicus starts with the occurrence of the emperor's death and his two sons, Saturninus and Bassianus pleading to the Roman elite for their respective causes. The debate is interrupted when the tribune of Rome announces to its people that the emperor's seat will be offered to Titus, on the basis of his victory towards defeating the Goths. Titus humbly declines the honor for being the next emperor and bestows the title to Saturninus instead.

After the declaration of Rome's new emperor, coffins are brought in by servants along with the queen of the Goths, Tamora, her three sons, Alarbus, Demetrius and Chiron as prisoners. It is made clear that Titus' victory is not accompanied with pure glory for in the course of war he lost many of his sons. In the pagan belief to appease the Roman gods, Lucius, Titus' first born son suggests a human sacrifice. Titus relentlessly orders his men to mutilate the eldest prince of the Goths, Alarbus, despite Tamora's pleading to spare him.

Lavinia, Titus' daughter appears and Saturninus then chooses her to be his empress. Bassianus claims to have been betrothed to her and successfully takes her away with the help of Titus' son Mutius. Titus pursues them and in his rage kills Mutius. The incident leads Saturninus to settle everything down and choose the captive queen, Tamora as his empress. Tamora concedes with the underlying plot to take revenge with her lover Aaron.

Meanwhile, Demetrius and Chiron, begin to lust over Lavinia. Aaron overhears them and aids them in their crime. Tamora comes into the scene and inquires Aaron what bothers him. He reveals to her the wishful sins of her sons. Tamora upon hearing this willfully aids them in her desire for revenge. They wait upon for Bassianus and Lavinia in the forest during a hunt and then murders Bassianus. Lavinia frightened begs at Tamora's feet but is unmoved. Demetrius and Chiron then rape and mutilate Lavinia, leaving her without a tongue to speak and hands to write. Aaron furthers the revenge against Titus by framing his sons Quintus and Martius for the murder of Bassianus and rape of Lavinia. During this time, Lucius was banished from Rome, thus failing to attempt rescue.

Out hunting, Marcus, the brother of Titus' sees Lavinia fleeing from his sight and pursues her to find out why. Upon discovering her horrid state he immediately brings her to her father. News also arrives of his two sons who have been accused of murder. Titus nearing madness and desperation begs for his sons to be spared. At this point, Aaron takes advantage of Titus' vulnerability and tells him that the emperor will spare his sons if he cuts off a hand and send it to him. Titus cuts off his hand and soon realizes that he was fooled. He receives his hand along with the heads of Quintus and Martius driving him completely mad.

Meanwhile, Lucius raises an army of Goths to attack Rome. On his way to the city, he captures Aaron running away with an infant saving it from the emperor's wrath. Lucius captures both the baby and Aaron with a threat to murder the child, he forces Aaron to confess. Lucius learns of their dreadful scheme and that the boy is his and Tamora's.

Tamora wanting to gain the upper hand of Titus' insanity, tricks him into thinking that she is the spirit of Revenge while Demetrius and Chiron are Rape and Murder. She offers him revenge if he complies with letting his son halt the impending war. Titus agrees, commands Marcus to call forth Lucius. Tamora is about to leave to invite the emperor and empress. But before she does, Titus convinces her to let Rape and Murder stay behind. As soon as Tamora's presence is gone, Titus binds Demetrius and Chiron and slits their throats while Lavinia fills their blood into a bowl.

A day later, Lavinia returns with Saturninus and offers them pie. In the midst of feasting, he inquires on Saturninus' judgement on sparing your daughter from shame. Saturninus agrees and murders Lavinia and tells Saturninus what the lustful sons of Tamora have committed against her. The emperor asks for Demetrius and Chiron and reveals the contents of the pie, Tamora's sons. He then slaughters Tamora and Saturninus in defense murders Titus, Lucius who has just arrived exacts revenge on Saturninus.

Lucius being the only survivor explains to the public what has happened and immediately proclaim him as the new emperor of Rome. Lucius then orders Aaron to be buried up to chest deep and left to starve while Tamora's body will be left unburied for scavengers.

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