Sineng Pambansa National Film Competition

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FDCP Sineng Pambansa launches National Film Competition
Do you have a story in your mind that can be made into a compelling film?
If you want to join the growing ranks of the country’s young and dynamic filmmakers, many of whom have won national and international awards, now is your chance.
The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) has launched the first National Film Competition which will reward the best screenplays submitted by aspiring directors and scriptwriters across the country with substantial seed money to translate their stories into quality films for local and even foreign exhibition.
The FDCP’s mandate is to promote the growth and development of the Philippine movie industry, spread awareness and appreciation for Philippine culture and history through film, and revitalize the Philippine movie industry by creating new opportunities for aspiring filmmakers as well as generating a bigger audience for Philippine cinema by bringing Filipino films to Filipino communities everywhere.
The nationwide scriptwriting and film competition seeks to highlight our outstanding film culture, while unifying the many diverse visions, views and voices of Filipino filmmakers across the country. The announcement of winners and awarding of prizes will be held either in Davao City or Cebu City in May 2012.
·         Open to Filipinos who have not written or co-written, directed or co-directed more than three films, documentaries or animated features.
·         Three Categories:
o   Feature Film Competition
o   Full-Length Documentary
o   Animated Short Film Competition
·         Three Divisions in the Feature Film Competition and Full-Length Documentary Competition
o   Luzon Division
o   Visayas Division
o   Mindanao Division
·         National competition for animation
·         Geographically oriented using language/dialect indigenous to setting
·         Seed Grants to finalists to produce film as follows:
o   Feature Film Competition:  P600,000 to each Division finalist (3 finalists per Division)
o   Full-Length Documentary:  P300,000 to each Division finalist (1 finalist per Division)
o   Animated Short-Film Competition: P100,000 to best storyboard (3 finalists nationwide)
·         Deadline for submission of screenplay is midnight of November 15, 2011
·         Finalists announced December 20, 2011
·         Filming starts January 2012 and final submission of films on April 30, 2012
·         Festival in May 2012 at Davao City or Cebu City
·         Detailed guidelines at
·         Forms can be downloaded from or are available at FDCP Makati Office
For the complete set of rules and guidelines of the National Film Competition and application forms, please visit our website:, or email us at:

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