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 Vargas Museum opens simultaneously on August 31, 2011, 4:00PM

Alfredo + Isabel Aquilizan
GF lobby

In  Address, the Aquilizans used boxes laden with the
personal effects from their homeland. This may well be
a farewell scene in which the  process of migration
becomes poignant and the lost object of country is
salvaged in pieces.  It is caught between the
anticipation of a beginning and an unsettling of origin
or address  -- between expectation and alienation.  The
practice of Alfredo Juan and Isabel Aquilizan indexes
the habit of keeping and investing things with
sentiment.  It is a disposition shaped by varying
desires: as a matter of necessity for a family and as a
matter of contingency for artists seeking the intimate
contexts of a collective, whether kin or nation, the
mass or the global.  It is further deepened by their
experience as Filipino migrants in Australia and their
commissions of installations across the world: the world
is a balikbayan box, always coming home, returning to
an address.
Exhibition runs until October 29, 2011.

Hong Kong Intervention
Sun Yuan and Peng Yu
GF West Wing Gallery

In 2009, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu asked Filipino
domestic workers in Hong Kong, who were mostly
women,  to plant a bogus bomb in the spaces of their
choice in the well-appointed houses they worked in.
They also asked them to photograph each other with
their backs turned. The piece was first exhibited in full
at the 17th Biennale of Sydney in 2010. According  to
the biennale catalogue, “it addresses the emotions and
issues underlying the relationships between Filipino
workers and their Hong Kong employers, and examines
the phenomena of migrant workers living outside of
their home country, integrating themselves into the
families and homes of others.” It surveys the
relationships between Filipino workers and their Hong
Kong employers in terms of intimacy, trust and
compliance within the space they serve and dwell. The
artists have produced provocative works using such
materials as live animals, human blood, baby cadavers
and fat tissue. Both based in Beijing, their works
include Old Person’s Home, Civilization Pillar and Dogs
which cannot touch each other.
Sun and Peng will deliver a talk during the opening.
The exhibition runs till October 29, 2011.

Sandra Palomar and Nolet Soliven
3F South Wing Gallery

Flesh is an exhibition reflecting on the myriad
interpretations of the female body in art and language
featuring the works of Sandra Palomar and Nolet
Soliven, and materials from the museum’s library and
archives. Soliven’s work, a monumental piece of
drawing and painting on paper, presents larger-thanlife cropped images of the female nude, distorting the viewers’ sense of scale as they encounter the female
body in parts. Palomar, on the other hand, installs
Marcelino Sanchez’s  Nude Study  from the Vargas
Museum art collection viewed only through a peeping
hole, limiting the viewers’ gaze to a fixed point. Both
artists try to intimate the trajectories of representing
the female body in art: from line and contour to mass;
and from entirety to parts suggesting the marked
presence of photography in the latter half of the 20th
century. Engaging in a dialogue with the works of the
two artists is Richard Ewell Elkins’s  Manobo-English
Dictionary published in 1968 from the Vargas Museum
Library collection, a sound installation by Palomar,
and another work from the Vargas art collection,
Antonio Dumlao’s Sultana.
Palomar and Soliven will give a walk-through at
3:00PM before the formal opening. The exhibition runs
until September 14, 2011.

For more information, please call the Vargas Museum
at (+632) 9281927, (+632) 9818500 loc. 4024 or e-mail Please log on to for more details.

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