Breaking Silence

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Jessie Mondares
“Breaking Silence”
2nd One Man Show
The Metro Gallery
September 1, 2012-September 15, 2012
Artist Reception: September 1, 2012 at 6pm
By: Vincent Padilla

“Silence” is an experience that has the power to transform oneself; an individual who touched his central self by experiencing utter silence can find true meaning of happiness, than from an individual who finds happiness from the outside. The artist’s inspiration will be his own thought process, the mind as universe that is endless and boundless.

The show attempts to converse many unanswered questions, the question of the artist about his existence, about being misunderstood, about being different. Habitual and typical societal concerns as an artist “the misunderstood genius”. Isolation to society is the artist’s reason to move forward, to converse personal angst, being extra sensitive to his own surrounding that gave him inspiration to paint and rather understand humanity as it is.

The art of Jessie Mondares is a juxtaposition of many important elements of contrasts and ironies. Details on the figure are well constructed but may appear rather random, colors may seem spontaneously and subconsciously decided upon but was actually well planned, the contrasts of the designs is presented as accident but the artist is well aware of his formal compositions, the titles of the artworks would seem very naïve but if one understands it, then it is very cerebral.

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“Breaking Silence” is an exhibition that conflates and unveils not just Jessie Mondares’ artworks but his life, his personal battles to himself and the society, his inability to communicate in words his personal feelings, but his clear talent to signal visually his state of mind, this is an exhibition that clearly questions but at the same time answers.

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