EqWallateral 2012

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Pilipinas Street Plan Group Exhibition

Long before, the triangle has been associated with many cultural significance, it is simple yet it means a lot of things. But for some, it is a bond made by individuals, creating an exact parallel distinction to provide pathways for limitless creativity. It can withstand any situation, for every side is sure and strong. This is how Pilipinas Street Plan sees the triangle. It became a common representation of the group's distinctiveness in being an open collective, restructuring the shape with a new meaning as an effect.

But having everyone in an objective is a complex notion; individuals will always have their own force in what they need or felt doing. Yet, they enter with an initiative to lay an open table. Other's aspirations might have these gathered ideas for a more concrete result leading into a robust community. To this, these individuals will now find it easy to congregate with the same principle and create endless possibilities for the rise of the same intent.
With their creations, many will be influenced and in time; form a new group with the same goal. They are bound by an idea strong enough to free art; art that the people own to understand and truly open themselves to this movement. Every wall will tell us a story as we walk with them on the street. They will leave us wondering how, but never why. And however we see them; we’re always affected by the freedom of these creations as they ascend from the stride of the ordinary.

Tonight, we will be enveloped by the different characters that form the PSP. They will leave marks on lamp posts, walls and on doors, to remind us that they are free from fear and guided by their creatures. They will show the real color of the street and the true meaning of their stroke. They are their own creations, the sole purpose of our gathering, to see their characters play with the impossible, to rebel from the normal, to challenge themselves and truly be inside the EqWallateral.

- Joshua "Teng" Sibug

August 18, 2012
Light and Space Gallery

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