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Benjie Torrado Cabrera, Renato Habulan, Fred Liongoren, Arnel Mirasol and Pinggot Zulueta join forces, so to speak, in a show to assert the significance of paper in art making.

Habulan, who curates the show laments the seeming disinterest by art collectors in works on paper, because perhaps of the perceived perishability of such works. The works to be exhibited easily belies the fallacy of that perception, most of which though done in the 80’s and 90’s, are still in mint condition.

Cabrera, Liongoren, Mirasol and Zulueta will show their output in the so-called popular mediums of fine prints, comics and book illustration, and editorial cartooning. Paintings on paper, which are one of a kind, are deliberately downplayed to highlight the role played by the popular mediums not only in providing entertainment, but also in advocating causes; roles where they are very effective because of their wider reach and easier accessibility by the bigger public.

Habulan, meanwhile, will put on view for the first time the pencil studies for his big paintings. Pencil studies, though not really done in multiples, reinforce further the five artists’ point of view about the significance of paper in art making; because they are proof that paintings, except those composed digitally or painted alla prima, are first conceived and endowed primal forms in a matrix made of paper.

Contact Details:
For inquiries, please call Chari Elinzano at (63 2) 635- 6061.

The Crucible Gallery
4th Level, SM Megamall
EDSA corner Julia Vargas Ave.
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

Tuesday September 4, 2012 - Sunday September 16, 2012


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