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LO MISMO, translated to English, means "the same." The images in England Hidalgo's exhibition in The Drawing Room makes use of Goya's 'The Disasters of War' etchings, a series that Hidalgo has been referencing through an artistic method of appropriation and ekphrasis (dramatic commentary of a work of art). England reinterprets this series through his deftness in ink, and through visual devices such as the speech bubble as well as through magnification of certain parts as a series of one image. Doing this series, he wishes to convey the recurring stories fed to us by media. Likewise, the series presents a history of disasters on a loop.

There'll be about wall bound drawings and sculptural works that look at contemporary formats of the codex. All of them are ink on paper including the sculpture.

The Drawing Room
Metrostar Bldg.
1007 Metropolitan Avenue,
Makati City, 1205

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