Latin Typography Exhibition at Instituto Cervantes

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Instituto Cervantes presents “Tipos Latinos”, an exhibit that offers a selection of some of the most interesting features of Latin American typographic design.

These works, which have been premiered in the first five editions of the Biennial of Latin American Typography, offer a new perspective on the art of type design. This exhibition is currently ongoing and will run until December 22 at Instituto Cervantes’ gallery hall.

Typography plays an important but often underestimated role in design. Fonts used in a design often make a bigger impression than the actual words themselves. But what the general public is largely unaware is that there is so much history behind every typeface, and the design of these typefaces reflects the era and culture in which they were conceived.

Contact Details:
For more information, please call (63 2) 526-1482.

Instituto Cervantes
855 T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Monday October 22, 2012 - Saturday December 22, 2012


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