The Mystery of the Abstract Jogging by Catalina Africa

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Far from the comfort of tactile solutions, of the easy connective snap of objects, contrapuntal to the ethereal dimension of conceptual grasps, CATALINA AFRICA has taken the ambiguity involved with painting - that medium with the ostensible half-life caught between thought and action, being and non-being, duration and dynamism, matter and illusion - to make pictures of an abstract nature initiated by the desire to produce multiple meanings: in order to extend her exploration of combined materials in collision with the expression of ideas and cultural taste, contesting conventional knowledge from artistic history in favor of a more personalized storytelling, by which the fabrication of a new complexity of delineated form is made from the probing of this mysterious mind, producing indeterminate states of authentic experience that frees imaginative wonder, intellectual curiosity, and other unknown pleasures.

This curious undertaking of abstract painting by AFRICA seems to have sprung from her earlier foray into three-dimensional installations that tickle the conceptual pretensions of sculptural work as we deem it today, heavy with the burden of its historical subservience to painting.

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For inquiries call (63 2) 816-0044, (63 917) 587-4011

Silverlens Gallery
YMC Bldg.
2320 Pasong Tamo Ext.
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Thursday October 25, 2012 - Saturday November 24, 2012


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