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Nothing can rival the majestic Manila Bay Sunset. The Philippine Association of Printmakers asks you to witness this fantastic view alongside great art works from their members. On November 17, 24 and on December 1 and 8, the PAP members are opening their studio doors to art enthusiasts and purchase group’s various works on display.

Located at the back of the Folk Arts Theater at the CCP Complex, the PAP studio has a fantastic view of Manila Bay for sojourners and art lovers. For four Saturdays in November and December, the “Art by the Bay” will showcase the works of Filipino masters as well as the up-and-coming figures of the local art scene. You might even chat with some of these artists and relish the view.

It is one of PAP’s aims to expose the general public regarding the art form of printmaking. Printmaking has been around the world for centuries. There is a massive legacy among the world’s greatest artists that delved into printmaking. Spain’s Francisco Goya’s los Caprichos have exposed the horrors of war centuries ago. 20th Century luminary Pablo Picasso has made several prints alongside his paintings. Andy Warhol has cemented pop art in the global consciousness with his serigraph portraits of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. Even our very own National Artists who delved into this oft-misunderstood art. Ben Cabrera solidified his visions via printmaking and he himself is a PAP member as well as a supporter of printmaking.

Among the current PAP members are known masters of Philippine Visual Arts. Pandy Aviado who has been quite prominent and visible in the Philippine Art Scene with his bold visions. Along with his is his fellow printmaker and educator Raul Isidro who has articulated his thoughts on stark and compelling abstraction both on canvas and in print. PAP is also proud of its stable of upcoming young artists such as the recent 13 Artist awardee Joey Cobcobo who is among the new generation who seek to push the envelope of printmaking in the 21st Century.

Their works along with the prints of Joey Cobcobo, Fill delacruz, Janus delacruz, Benjie Torrado, Noel Farrol, Buen Abrigo, Angelo Magno and other noted printmakers will be available at the Art by the Bay. PAP also conducts workshops on printmaking for interested groups.

The PAP invites you to their Art By the Bay and sip wine, see the fantastic sunset and be surrounded by great art.

Art by the Bay open studio shall run on November 17, 24 and on December 1 and 8, 5:00 pm onwards.

The PAP studio is located at the back of the Folk Arts Theater, (Facing the bay) CCP Complex.

For more information please contact Mr. Gelo Magno (0927)6543707

visit the event page in Facebook here

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