Chains of Love/ Ties that Blind: The Shadows of Empire

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Curated by VIỆT LÊ

"Tell me how all this, and love too, will ruin us.” –Richard Siken

This selection of video shorts ruminate on love and loss in the shadows of empire in modern-day Asia, post-World War II America, and colonial French Indochina. These experimental video artists challenge binaries between local and diasporic, East and West. They queer the divides between periphery and center; past, present and future. Working in the interstices of Cambodia, Viet Nam, Japan, Thailand, and the United States, the artists offer alternate visions of living on the ruins of modernity’s edge.

A Generation Loss Program presented by Green Papaya Art Projects in collaboration with UP Film Institute

November 27, 2012
2:00 PM

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