Contemporary Finnish Lithographs on View at the Met Museum

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The Metropolitan Museum of Manila, in cooperation with the Embassy of Finland, presents the works of eight contemporary Finnish printmakers; Maija Albrecht, Kalle Berg, Matti Hintikka, Valpuri Kylmänen, Kuuuti Lavonen, Tapani Mikkonen, Kaisu Sirviö, and Miikka Vaskola on November 8, 2012 at the Met Museum’s Tall Galleries. Contemporary Lithography from Finland is a debut exposition of Finnish printmakers in Manila. It comprises thirty three works by some of the most active lithographers from the Nordic country.

Participating artists have selected representative samples of their production. Most were made in the atelier in Helsinki where the eight artists work together. Some prints were produced especially for this exhibition. They also thoughtfully included older works, providing insights into the development over time of each artist’s personal approaches and techniques, materials and vision.

As part of the opening reception to the exhibit, the visiting artists together with Finnish art critic Olli Romppanen will deliver a talk and lecture concentrating on the history of Finnish printmaking at 3:30 pm. " Reflections of Culture and Landscape in Finnish Fine Art Printing Now and Before"

Contemporary Lithography from Finland will run until December 10, 2012.

For details and reservation to the events, please call
The Marketing Office at 708-7829

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