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“Fragments of Being” brings together young artists and seeks to describe the essence of individualistic artistic practice for each, predominantly characterized by a continuous rationalizing of internal processes applied to specified outcomes; a self-reflection that wants to connect to spheres of influences encompassing each practical reality; and self-critique that balances one’s artistry with self-doubt, humility, and eventual belief. In one of the meetings leading toward the exhibition, one participating artist suggested Dylan Thomas as a reference for attitudes represented by the group. This might be very apt in one of the writer’s quotable lines: “somebody is boring me, I think it’s me”. All in all, it is the self-reflection and comfort in thought that binds together each artistic practice.

The young artist of today seems to be embedded in a fragmented reality that only compounds the pressures of a life lived outside of his or her practice. Perhaps this fragmentation is a consequence of the visual world that has bombarded our realities and taken over language, both spoken and written, and thus, has commandeered our very being. It seems to be the natural recourse of the young man or woman to sort through the labyrinth of visual messages and signs that only wants to subjugate and suggest false desires and wanting. It is a response to take the reins of these images once again—to come to terms with the image and find personal meaning in it. In today’s art practice, there seems to the no uniform rule, only uniqueness. There is no dictatorial standard that must be subscribed to; what remains, perhaps, is a sincerity that remains true to being sensitive to responses; and that be responsible responses to individual states of being, or simply, experiences. “Fragments” may, on off-tangent, refer to that time where the disdain for the singular point of view has given birth to what Lyotard had observed as “clouds of realities”, small packets with its own judicial and judgment systems, operating autonomously on its own. Each is localized, specific, and immediate. In a literal degree, “fragments” are just that: each artist brings in his or her own state of affairs, opinion, what have you, into the foray, an arena that we have come to know as art. the following are but some impressions on these artists that have put on the line their bits of “fragments”.

Featuring the works of 9 artists from the UP College of Fine Arts-- Alle Garibay, Titat Ledesma, Bern Cruz, Leny Leonor, Chen Breva, Fara Manuel, Redd Nacpil, Raymond Carlos, and Lec Cruz. Organized by Jonathan Olazo

Opening Cocktail on November 8, 2012, Thursday, 6-9pm at NOW GALLERY, Mezzanine floor, Ecoplaza Bldg., Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City.

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