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The title "Late Bloomer" might mean developing a talent at a latter stage, more slowly than others in their age group. But it might also mean that it's never too late to explore, to start a new venture or to pursue a dream.

For most of us - this is our time to “bloom”. Bloom in all sense of the word, and within the context of exploration of the arts. To take risks in what we always love to do. We call ourselves “LATE BLOOMERS” with complete disregard of society, the new vanguards of revolution. We are artists who've embraced arts in our own respective fields, presenting what we have learned now in this stage of our lives. We now have this rekindled passion to paint, draw and exhibit. We are those who have never been given the opportunity and who have had no access to resources before.

We are now here to redefine what it is to be a late bloomer. WE ARE PROUD TO BE LATE BLOOMERS. We are proud artists of yore and NOW.

featuring works of
Andrew Madrid . Rovi Salegumba . Michael Villagante
Nikolai Alegado . Adrian Barcia . Robert Tony Raymundo
Uldarico Dela Rosa . Argel Penasbo . Raynand Olarte . Domitila
Gil Vegerano . Ralph Barrientos . Anna Leah Aldaba

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