Videre Videnda: Paul Hilario's Solo Exhibit

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Videre Videnda
Paul Hilario’s First Solo Art Exhibit

Paul likes doing magic tricks with a deck of cards. He practices on his 3-year old daughter, so he assumes the secret is safe even if he makes mistakes. Although far from being an expert, he relishes the thought that he can provide a little amusement with the pieces of nicely printed pieces of paper in his hands. The back of the playing cards are always printed with intricate patterns, but what’s more important really is what’s on the other side: the value of the card.

Like a magic trick, Videre Videnda, Latin for “see what should be seen,” on the whole challenges you to discover and share Paul’s range of thoughts, beliefs, and even discoveries using 'silent' visual narratives. His artworks are similar to playing cards; the only difference is that you don’t need to turn a card over. You only need to look, connect, and intuit on what it’s telling you.

Paul is inviting you to go visit his first solo art exhibit, Videre Videnda from 10 to 24 Nov 2012 at the Art for Space Gallery at the Alabang Town Center in Muntinlupa City, a few minute’s drive south of Manila. Just visiting, you will reward yourself with a rich art experience.

In Dubitatio, Paul entices you to discern the symbolisms and story behind the loss of opportunities.
In Vorator Mortis, you may appreciate a most misunderstood and ill-treated source of a broth.
Ars Meretrix challenges you to share the predicament of many painters like himself.
Avaritia can be historical, international, environmental or even personal, all depending on how you perceive it.
Diprosopus (also entitled the Sonic Hedgehog Homolog) dares you to recognize the magnificent personality phenomena of our kababayans in the US of A.

About the artist

Paul Hilario was born with the soon-to-prove proverbial, so he hopes, silver fork in his brain. The super conductive Argentum fork tines send exterior visual electric currents into his right brain, enabling his hand to spread paint onto canvas sometimes convulsively, certainly variably, always creatively.

The painter paints from life, both physical and intellectual. He is a lively museum curator by day and a, ho-hum, sleep-deprived painter from 3:00 AM to 6:30 AM weekdays. Despite having to paint at ungodly hours, he remains excited with his work. He relishes in making art that are not just for your eyes but for other senses too. He enjoys making art that tickles your mind, some analytical, evocative, and most often splashed with the colors of Filipino flavors.

He is a self-taught painter. Initially, he was influenced by the paintings of the Dutch post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh and Filipino modernist Vicente Manansala, until he stumbled upon the Marcel Antonio virtual school of art. Much encouraged at school, Paul travelled back to the Byzantine era (330 to 1453) to learn old master techniques and then time-warped back to contemporary art times to mix in his own art signature.

Though an undiscovered talent in the mainstream art circles in the Philippines, his works have found their way to collectors in Australia, Canada, Dubai, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, UK and the USA. Paul has found love again. He believes that he will continue to paint until the day that his bladder can no longer hold his pee; even then, once able to purchase a nice latrine bag, he shall continue. For the love of art – and those who love Videre Videnda.

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