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“Woman in the Mirror” is Daniel dela Cruz's latest one-man exhibition of new sculptures, celebrating the human form as a repository of reflections and secrets. Caught up in the spirals and swirls of being and becoming, dela Cruz's collection of sculptures center on the female form and convey the changing nature of the individual.

As an artist, dela Cruz deliberately treats the subject of beauty not as a purely physical attribute, but also as a contnuous process of shaping one's self. The forms that he creates are fluid and moving, denoting not only the elemental nature of water, air and fire but also the movements of the spirit.

“Like a sculptor with a block of stone, we chip away until we reveal our core,” the artist writes of his works. Dela Cruz's sculptures reflect on how the nature of human existence changes with experience and through time, asking the question of whether identity is something permanent or the fluid result of an every changing process. He elaborates:

“Often we seek solitude as a means to separate oneself from this world. But in looking in, we find inside of us, things which give birth to questions of who we really are. The world dictates who we should be and doesn’t always give space to who we really are. We make stories of ourselves to compensate and to fit in,and over time we start to believe, forgetting the real truth within.”

“Woman in the Mirror” is thus not only a way to capture a traditional subject in the visual arts, but also a call on the viewer to reflect on how experience and reflection enables us to understand ourselves better. “Inhabiting different cocoons at each stage, and with each rebirth we find realization. We are both the blacksmith and the metal…. It is through our journey through the anvil of adversity that we form ourselves,” dela Cruz ends.

November 10, 2012

Art Verite'Gallery
2/F Shops at Serendra,
Bonifacio Global, Taguig City

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