Let’s pARTyPhilippines! ArtPhilippines' Exhibition and EB Party

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IT'S GETTING FIERY IN HERE. As ArtPhilippines grows larger and stronger in number and posts by the day, the Philippine Art world binds faster and gains higher ground. From the Facebook page into the gallery art space, there's no better way to celebrate this Yuletide season with fellow ArtPhilippines members than in "Let's pARTyPhilippines!"—our group's first ever art exhibit and eyeball. Refresh and spark old and new aliiances, meet the artists-authors behind the posts, transcend camaraderie in the virtual into the viscerally palpable, and set the spirit of fellowship and art free without walls as it ought to be!

Exhibit is open to the public until 13 January 2013

Date: December 15, 2012, Saturday to January 13, 2013

Venue: Formafuego Artist Space, Unit 205 Times Square Building, 57 Examiner corner Times Streets, West Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City.


2:00 PM to 6:00 PM — On-the-Spot nude sketching
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM — Ribbon-cutting and Introduction
8:00 PM to 9:00 PM — Cocktails/Exhibit viewing, socializing and games
9:00 PM to 10:00 PM — Artwork exchange gift and raffle
10:00 PM onwards — Exhibit viewing, socializing and games

Guidelines and Mechanics

1. THE NUDE, IN THE HERE AND THE NOW. On-the-Spot nude sketching will be open to 12 to 15 ArtPhilippines members. The participation fee on sketching will be announced soon.

2. PAYING IT FORWARD. The artwork the exchange gifts raffle portion of the program will be divided into two categories:

a. Up-and-Coming and

b. Established

Gifts can be in the form from prints to drawings or paintings on paper, canvas or panel, ranging from postcard size to maybe a small poster size or larger, or even a sculpture perhaps? Just bring any artwork, framed or not, 2-dimensionsl or 3-dimensional, that you are willing to 'pay forward' as opposed to 'giving up' as an exchange gift. Any size, medium, subject matter, or genre, etc., so long as it is palpable and can be kept in storage without disintegrating or falling apart.

Each artwork will be assigned a number, and members get to pick one gift under their category accordingly. *Just bring any artwork, framed or not, that you are willing to give as an exchange gift, to pay forward. Any size, medium, subject matter, so long as it is palpable and can be kept in storage without disintegrating or falling apart.

3. THE POINT OF NO U-TURN. Exhibitor-members may submit:

a. NEW or EXISTING work(s) initially VIA EMAIL to and CC to, with

b. Your work(s) FULL DETAILS:

1) Artist
2) TItle
3) Medium
4) Dimensions
5) Year

c. DESCRIPTION or short 'story' behind its creation, with a

d. SHORT BIOGRAPHY or writeup about yourself;

with the following in mind:

4. OPEN CITY. The theme for this group show is open (any medium, format, or
genre will do.)

5. TO HANG OR NOT TO HANG. Wall-mounted works must be ready to hang and dry to the touch. Exhibitor-members submitting floor-mounted/on-the-round works should provide the necessary base/support.

6. DEADLIEST DEAD-END. Deadline of submission: no later than December 10, 2012 (Monday) along with the details of the artwork(s) and description/write-up as well as a short biography of the artist. Exhibitor-members may coordinate with Sim de Pio at 0917-53-FUEGO or Grandier Bella at 0917-9824336.

7. SIZE DOES MATTER. Exhibitor-members can submit works in any dimension, so long as it can fit in the gate (preferably small to moderately-sized works) and will facilitate easier transit, and address ingress, egress as well as curatorial concerns.

8. ONE SIZE PITS ALL. Exhibitor-members can submit one (preferred) or more works, provided that the space accommodates at least one work per exhibitor.

9. POTLUCK TO ALL OF US! Exhibitor-members, in the spirit of ArtPhilippines' thrust for fellowship and family alike, are requested to pool in of viands/finger, gourmet food and what not and/or refreshments (alcoholic and non-acloholic), so long as we can bring anything to the table. An offering. an act of good will and prosperity to each other.

O Paano, Tara Lets...Are You Ready to pARTyPhilippines?

visit the event page in Facebook here

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