Boses: After Ten Years

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BOSES: After Ten Years
2nd Year StudioArts Block Y
22 January -

opening: 22 January, 5:00 PM
Corredor Gallery (Foyer)
College of Fine Arts, University of the Philippines Diliman
Food will be served.

It has been ten years since Santiago Bose passed away, and his latest exhibit, a posthumous one, sums up the still apparent loss and sorrow felt not only by family and friends but also by many of his colleagues and successors in the art community.

We, as art students, are also consciously and/or unconsciously rooted in the art-making tradition Bose bravely established, perhaps with a handful of peers and contemporaries. He helped redefine Philippine Art during his time, taking cue from recent techniques and movements abroad as well as from local culture. Until now, this definition is still relevant, and we continue to use it, refine it and challenge it.

BOSES: After Ten Years is a practice of honoring that tradition. Some of us took off from his technique and materials, using found objects, ready-mades, inks and paints and fused them together to also explore the definition of “intermedia” to talk about personal experiences. Some even used other materials and media. A few took off from how Bose seemingly layers and juxtaposes images. A work that uses the buildup of printed acetate and actual objects is an example of this process. Mixed media collages were also made reminiscent of the look and feel Bose’s works. A few took their cue from the artist’s message. A video installation was made to reiterate Bose’s message on consumerism and colonialism in the contemporary setting. A few also took into consideration Bose’s use of actual multiple frames, boxes and envelopes that become the tool which frames the message created from putting these objects inside the envelope together.

These works are our homage to the late Santi Bose, and our testimony that he is actually here with us, home still after ten years.

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