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HOME SPUN, in bullet points:
• The painting is an architectonic configuration
• The painting in its flatness
• In its flatness, the painting is a peculiar compound of horizons and certain degrees of depth
• This peculiar compound of a landscape is achieved in the absence of hue and tone
• After all, there are no hues and tones in the accumulation of all the small things
• All the small things are always domestic
• Sometimes they are readymades that lost some pieces
• There is tension in these readymades when they are used in the practice of handmades
• Handmades and painting, don’t they mean “thinking with hands”?
• “Thinking with hands” is the configuration’s equation = the Gestural
+ the Calculated
• Architectonics started with the gestural that becomes a blueprint

Blanc Gallery
Crown Tower
H.V. dela Costa St.
Salcedo Village Makati

January 7, 2013
6:00 PM

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