LIZANNE UYCHACO "The Art and Life of Spiritual Wealth" One-Man Exhibition

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To bring in 2013 with a special wish for good fortune and spiritual wealth to our art Patrons, Blue + Gray presents Lizzane Uychaco - the first and only Feng Shui artist in the Country.

Her Expressionist works that elicit harmony and bring about happiness, prosperity, longevity, wealth and success are all based in the "art of placement" or Feng Shui. Her paintings are not just decorative, they are strategically installed where they can enhance good energy to flow into your life.

Lizzane's works are richly textured and the colors make up an integral part of the paintings. Vibrant and good fortune reds, nurturing and calming emerald greens, elegantly distressed gold and silver flakes, purposely bright orange and royal color of blue serve as background to her auspicious motifs and symbols, like the Chinese coin - a gift she received from a Chinese monk when she was five years old to alleviate an illness.

This is not top claim that her works were expressly done to serve as talisman; on the contrary, their artistic value and powerful imagery are by themselves irresistible reason to acquire her works. To view her works is to be hypnotized by strong yet calming presence of symbols, shapes, colors and textures.

Ms. Uycahco is also very accomplished in the corporate world. She has an MBA and is the SVP and Head of Corporate Services of SM Investments Corporation

Blue + Gray Gallery
2nd Level, Shops at the Serendra Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

January 24, 2013

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