Oca Villamiel's SALOOBIN

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Saloobin features Villamiel’s silkscreen paintings merging both portraiture and abstraction. The paintings range from from small works on paper to a large-scale ones on canvas, creating a strata of faces imprinted on their surfaces. Like apparitions and spectres, these fleeting, layered images are an unsettling presence, a reminder of things perceivable yet still lying beyond reach.

Going beyond abstraction of reality, Villamiel’s works seek to portray the human condition: the stories and voices of those who have been dispossessed, left voiceless and faceless over the years. Villamiel combines silkscreen printing, painting and calligraphy in his works to chart his introspections on both reality and hope.

Villamiel publicly exhibited for the first time in 2006. He held his first one-man exhibition, entitled Wounded Spirit, in 2009 at the Art Center of SM Megamall in Mandaluyong, featuring large-scale multimedia paintings.

His second solo show, Mourning Glory, was held at the Crucible Gallery a year after while his third solo show, Stories of our Time, was organized at Light and Space Contemporary in 2012. Villamiel currently lives and works in Marikina City.

Saloobin will run until the 11th of March 2013.

277 Connecticut St.
Greenhills East, Mandaluyong,

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