Dancing in the Shadow - Hamilton Sulit

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They say that all art is autobiographical; and that all “authentic” creative acts begin with introspection. Dancing in the Shadow, Hamilton Sulit’s show at Blanc Gallery, reflects a familiar, if not underlying, act in the process of creation: putting form to memories of childhood, and sharing the universal experiences of loss, sadness, fear, change, and growth.

Pulsing with deep colors, the nine paintings depict a utopia undone, derived from the artist’s personal experiences of families breaking, love affairs ending, and fatherhood unconsummated. These memories take a form beyond that of the traditional rectangular painting: the canvases are painstakingly outlined into shapes like that of a rose, a heart split in two, or the head of a suffering Christ, before being mounted on a solid, square background. Disjointed images like that of crows, angels, and blonde-haired children overlap within the canvases. In telling his story, the artist relies not on the specificity of the chosen figures, but on the feelings that these forms, as seamless compositions, evoke.

Born in Angono, Rizal, Hamilton Sulit studied painting at Far Eastern University and has been a finalist in the Shell and Metrobank art competitions. Dancing in the Shadow, his first one-man exhibition, is a compelling introduction to an artist to watch out for.

Hamilton Sulit’s Dancing in the Shadow is on view at Blanc Gallery, Unit 2E Crown Tower, 107 HV de la Costa St., Salcedo Vill., Makati City, beginning March 18.

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