Exhibit : Missed Chances

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Missed Changes

The works shown in my latest exhibit are particularly inspired by the theories of Quantum Physics, they trace them back reliving the cognitive journey, and through a transversal usage of various styles, techniques, form of expression, try to convey the destabilizing impact of this discovery, with the intention of promoting the development of the conscience of the willing and attentive viewer.

Art, being an external projection of the interior reality intended as a personal process of perceptive-mnemonic data, can only be our aid to expand our capacity of observation, and to bring us close through imagination: “IN ME MAGO AGERE” (within me a sorcerer acts), to the creative process and/or transformation that happens all around us, be it visible or otherwise.

-Nino Quartana, Manila 2013

Case Roses
1153 J. P. Laurel Street
Corner Aguado Street
San Miguel, Manila

March 16, 2013
4:00 PM

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