Jong Pairez: The Monstrous Arrivant

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In the exhibition, Pairez present works about his accumulation of experience as a foreign migrant worker in Japan using Jacques Derrida's concept of absolute alterity that describes his term of “the monstrous arrivant” or the unwanted stranger that comes looking for conviviality.

Jong Pairez is a writer and migrant artist who has exhibited multi-media works in artist-run spaces, bookshops and unconventional art galleries in both Tokyo and Manila. His works are based on his independent research about migration, peer-to-peer computer networking, displacement, geography and precarity. His specific interests include anti-copyright movement and the understanding of his own condition as a foreign migrant worker or the unwanted stranger.

Takuro Higuchi is an independent sociologist of social movements. He is researching the post-Seattle transformation of social movements in Japan from an autonomist perspective. He employs a methodology based on an activist anthropology after the reflexive turn that maintains a deep engagement in reality.

14 March 8PM Talk featuring Takuro Higuchi
“A Prehistory of Alterglobalization in Japan: Subterranean Autonomous Networks Since the '90s”

30 March 8PM Talk Jong Pairez
“The Monstrous Arrivant: A Migrants' Account or the Empty Body of Works”

For more details, please email:

Suite B, The Collective
7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Village
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Wednesday March 13, 2013 - Sunday March 31, 2013


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