SCENE/SEEN: Billijin Carle Esguerra and Resty Flores

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Scene/Seen implies the ambivalence of creation: Does the gaze create the milieu or does the setting frame the vision? Billijin Carle Esguerra and Resty Flores propose refigurations of the realities of Filipino folk narratives through existing personal and cultural memories and imaginations. As a collection of ethnographic documentations of mindful swashes and strokes, Scene/Seen attempts to breathe a fresh understanding of the waxing and waning of our oral lores.

Scene/Seen is an artistic dialogue between artists Billijin Esguerra and Resty Flores. This exhibit is curated by Randel Urbano under the RELAY Program of CreatingSPACE Inc.


Billijin Carle Esguerra is a graduate of Art Studies from the University of the Philippines. She has been doing creative services to integrated marketing groups, and designing for international brands in the past several years. Alongside her prolific professional endeavors, she’s participated in group art exhibitions and continually doodles in her unconventional journal. Her first solo exhibit entitled La Vie Boheme successfully opened last November 2012.

Resty Flores is a fanatic of hyper-realism. He exploits this technique in different genres and forms. At a 22, he has been part of group exhibition in respectable venues such as the UP Jorge Vargas Museum, Ishmael Bernal Gallery, and Top of the City, among others. He regularly creates commissioned works for various clients. He teaches drawing and painting as head teacher in the prime art school Young Artists’ Studio.

VMeme Contemporary Art Gallery
2-C Second Floor CK Bldg.
No. 61 Visayas Avenue Vasra
Quezon City, PH.

March 23, 2013
7:00 PM

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