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The impulse to process the unknown, no matter how confounding, or worse, no matter how daunting, how frightening even, is a fundamental, even primal, cognitive function. The term itself - - -process - - -connotes a sort of rigor, a filtration perhaps, a breaking down to parts one can grasp by passing it through a sieve. And that’s essentially what transpires: decoding, confrontation, discourse, congress. And each time, a push-pull occurs , between trepidation and curiosity, between disgust and fascination, between succumbing and shirking, between whatever opposing compulsions emerge. And it is this very push-pull that becomes the germ informing Thin-Skinned.

The title is a metaphor referring to the skin we live in , the membrane with which we filter the world outside and how it is as porous and as permeable as it is protective. And how vulnerable the work is to either of the opposite sides they precariously straddle.

With his works, Briones interrogates our daily relationship between media, taking commodities and brands that have embedded themselves in our consciousness way past over-familiarity into a sort of synergy almost, and reconstructing them past thresholds of recognition as a commentary on the insidious stealth with which media insinuates itself in our lives.

Serial killers are the locus of Lesley Anne’s mixed media collages, an articulation not only of the odd dichotomies they perpetuate in culture, but also the odd dichotomies they perpetuate in her life, becoming a statement on the removal we regard them with, how they remain a representation of the evil that men do and the evil that only happens to other people.

MariƱas uses icons to draw parallels between the displacement that naturally occurs between strangers and surreptitiously occur between people and their objects of worship.

Villanueva investigates the ramifications of our conflicted obsessions with extraterrestrial life through the forensic symbols this obsession has not only caused to proliferate but also to ratify, using them as a means by which to initiate a conversation on the nature of belief and doubt.

--Eduardo Dayao

Light & Space
#53 Fairlane St.
West Fairview, Quezon City

March 22, 2013
7:00 PM

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