Zeus Bascon, Marcushiro Nada and Wesley Valenzuela at Artinformal

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In ALTAR EGO, Zeus Bascon and Marcushiro Nada present various installations and assemblages that serve as "altars of meaning." They invite the viewers to partake in the religion of identity. Each one puts their own alternate belief in the seemingly familiar imagery. The artists' intention lies in the process of drawing out the viewer's interaction with an invented mythology thereby creating an alternate religion of sorts.

In PATTERNS OF ASSIMILATION, Wesley Valenzuela traces the patterns found within the complex trajectory of human existence. That in a human being's struggle for survival and peaceful coexistence (amidst a rapid development in the material, spiritual and virtual spheres), he steadily treads on a never ending maze of meanings and uncertainties.

277 Connecticut St. Greenhills East,
Mandaluyong, Philippines

March 14, 2013
6:00 PM

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