"Partee" Mariko Jacinto

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Mariko Jacinto
Pinto Art Gallery
7-21 April 2013

Dr. Joven R. Cuanang & the officers of the Silangan Foundation for the Arts, Culture and Ecology
cordially invite you to the opening of an art exhibit by Mariko Jacinto's "Partee"

Pinto Art Gallery is a contemporary art space in Antipolo City, Rizal.
Since its inception, it has presented a number of events and exhibits, several of which were international in scope and significance.

We are invited to various soirees.
Be it in New York or Manila, Mariko Jacinto affords us a glimpse into an assortment of gatherings.

Different rhythms are evoked; some are somber, some are lively, some are meditative, some are rambunctious.
In keeping with the diverse tempo, Jacinto also exhibits a mixture of styles and techniques.

Making use of her plethora of approaches, she encapsulates the essence of each gathering.
She traverses through each party and takes the viewer along.

Pinto Art Gallery is located at 1 Sierra Madre, Grand Heights, Antipolo City.

For more information please contact 6971015.

visit the event page in Facebook here

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