Ulrike Ottinger: Photographer and Filmmaker

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German director, photographer, and artist Ulrike Ottinger has been internationally recognized as a filmmaker for many years. Her photographic works, created since the beginning of her artistic career and even before her first films, have found their way into important private and public art collections and have met with a very positive resonance that goes beyond the art scene. Ulrike Ottinger: Photographer and Filmmaker illustrates how films and photographs complement and enrich one another.

Using exemplary photographic work from all phases of her body of work, the Goethe-Institut’s touring exhibit reflects Ottinger’s characteristic juxtaposition of documentary and staged photography, which the art historian Katharina Sykora has concisely captured in the following words: “The found and invented meet in these photos. They are the arenas of alternating change, between reality and fiction, past and future, wish and fulfillment.”

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In line with the exhibit, the Goethe-Institut is screening Ulrike Ottinger's latest film, as well as a documentary on her life and work.

Under Snow
1 hour 43 minutes
Screened Monday - Saturday, 2:00 p.m.

In Echigo, Japan, the snow lies several feet deep, covering landscape and villages. Over the centuries, the inhabitants have organized their lives accordingly. To record their very distinctive forms of everyday life, Ulrike Ottinger journeyed to the mythical snow country with two Kabuki performers. Kabuki, poetry, and the reality of the Snow Country combine with the music of Yumiko Tanaka to make a visually striking and moving film.

Ulrike Ottinger: Nomad from the Lake
1 hour 26 minutes
German with English subtitles
Screened Monday - Saturday, 4:00 p.m.

Ulrike Ottinger's cinematic universe has influenced entire generations. It all began on the shores of Lake Constance, where Ulrike Ottinger was born and where she still often spends time. Filmmaker Brigitte Kramer begins her documentary on Ottinger’s life and work at Lake Constance, since she too shares the icon’s birthplace and a great love of these waters. The documentary intersperses interviews with Ottinger and her dearest friends and colleagues with scenes from her films, some photographs of which are on exhibit.

Groups of at least five persons can book a special screening during their museum visit.

Apr 11, 2013 -
May 10, 2013
3/F Bridgeway Foyer and Gallery

Monday - Saturday
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Adults - P100
Students 15 & older - P50
Children - P25
Seniors - P25

For details, call 889-1234 or email

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