Bagong Panahon 2013

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“Bagong Panahon 2013” is a group exhibit of artists at Galerie Anna which opens on May 24, 2013 at 6pm. The exhibit runs until June 8, 2013. “Bagong Panahon 2013” are scroll type paintings that hopefully would culminate as traveling works in the future. It is sustenance and exchange. It is a continuum. It is presentation. It is complementing memoriam, recognition, education and reflection. It is giving back and a simple artist’s contribution of retelling and tracing one’s roots.

The title revolves around the idea that we belong in a time of new opportunities – starkly challenged by the necessities of our time yet anchored through our history and our roots. The premises for the format and medium are portability, opportunity, sensitivity, transference and direction. The inclusion of the theme is to challenge the artist, to encourage research, reinterpret and retrace their roots and commit accounts gleaned from ancestor stories. The artists are always challenged to complement with and incorporate their individual artmaking processes in creating works.

This collective series also tries to encourage young Filipino artists to offer creativity in painting, individuality, varied concepts and to work under unique circumstances.

The space supports and encourages the artist to work with the hanging scroll type format to be accessible for transportation, continuation and the convenience of the participants.

The different artists that are invited in “Bagong Panahon 2013” have been quite active in shows around the Philippines.

The artists are challenged to present a painting or two within the format given of ( 8’ x 3’ ft) canvas in a scroll hanging setting. The works would tackle Filipino contemporary concepts in their individual artmaking.

The title revolves around the idea that we could make use of different painting intents to create and explore on complementing issues on a given format canvas. It is a challenge to open newer formats for paintings on canvas and presentation.

This group of artists would surely stretch the boundaries of their discipline dealing with different issues, personal concepts and techniques.

The artists are Jonathan Y. Castro, Jamel Obnamia, Paul Eric Roca, Joey Cobcobo, Mark Bardiñas, Michael Bacol, Erik Sausa, Janelle Tang, Hubert Fucio, John Isidro Santos, Khalil Salih Versoza, Mark Arcamo and Alexander de Moscoso.

The public is cordially invited to the show to view the latest contemporary works in Manila, Philippines. The Galerie Anna space continues to support newer works, newer opportunities for artists, new experiences, art awareness and always a thrust for newer exhibitions through curated shows.

Galerie Anna
4th Floor SM Megamall Bldg A
Edsa Avenue, Mandaluyong City

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