Imponderable World

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Colors can be associated with equally pulsating emotions and euphoric tendencies that flitter within and around our faculties of sense to leave a satisfying feast for the eyes. They have the innate power to elevate or bring you down in subtle or outlandish ways. Colors can speak in a language grounded in association lying either in between past familiar experiences or future desires, and Julius Redillas has crafted his ulterior message to speak of an imponderable world – one that’s awashed in an explosion of hues conveying the possibility of its habitants not being able to fully assess their past, present or future state. Heaving a vast spectrum of colors that may make or break a sense of a figure one would associate with an image previously seen and experienced, Redillas captures a specific moment in time that cannot be exacted and evaluated; that ever-fleeting moment when one seemingly finds the answers to inward questions, yet all the while being fully aware of the potential to lose them in a signal whiff of yet another possibility or mistake. Whether soaring high up in the clouds of fate or in the trenches of uncertainty, Redillas lets us think without letting us thinking about it too much, leaving us in the comforts of our own devices while pondering about what could have been, and what would never be. - Tim Panganiban

Light & Space Contemporary
53 Fairlane St. West Fairview
1121 Quezon City, Philippines

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