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Ana Verayo’s artistic attempt to take the edge off the conflict between memory and touch are saturated by the resonating acknowledgement of the human condition in which she channels this urgency to its most actual form. This installation is a pronouncement of as well as praise to Ana’s growing-up years, and her way of ultimately paying tribute to her home and loved ones.

Her recent work explores the possibilities of manipulating different characteristics of different materials to epitomize certain memories associated with it. It is a recreation of where she used to play as a child—a construction site (her dad is an architect) where industrial elements that might normally be considered dangerous for a small child to play in also became her haven, a giant “sandbox” where she would build curious worlds that were every bit as real as the realm of everyday inhabited by her parents and the rest of the adult species.

Like creatures grazing on a memory bank, she used balboa fabric and nylon cotton to breathe in life into these plush toys to reinvent that distinct textural experience of holding another human being or your most loyal pet, which is the most beautiful, luminous feeling in the world.

Starting out with illustration and borrowing elements from manga, she also sought to break that horror vacui that she so frequently encounters and fashion in its place a non-linear narrative supported equally by space and by 3D elements, using the hyper-real sensation of touch as her sine qua non.

Vinyl on Vinyl
The Collective
7274 Malugay St, 1203 Makati

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