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In line with the exhibit Ulrike Ottinger: Photographer and Filmmaker, Goethe-Institut and Yuchengco Museum are screening Ottinger's latest film and a documentary on the iconic German filmmaker, photographer, and artist.

Ulrike Ottinger is regarded as one of the most headstrong, internationally recognized German filmmakers. Her body of work spans from the surreal, theatrical, and stylized to the ethnological; from the fictional to the documentary.

Often described as a “film artist,” Ottinger conceives her work from highly imaginative images, and her movies go beyond the conventional notions of motion pictures. Retrospectives of her films have been shown at the Cinémathèque Française and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among other institutions.

By Ulrike Ottinger
English with some Japanese dialogue
1 hr 43 mins

Watch the trailer on YouTube (in German)

Under Snow captures the beauty of Echigo, Japan, where snow often lies several feet, covering landscapes and villages. To record the distinctive lifestyle of its people, Ottinger journeys to the snow country with two Kabuki performers. Playing the parts of students Takeo and Mako, the performers follow in the footsteps of Bokushi Suzuki, who wrote the book Snow Country Tales in the 19th century. In sharp contrast to the warm tropical landscape of the Philippines, Under Snow combines Kabuki, poetry, and the reality of Snow Country Tales.

Documentary by Brigitte Kramer
German with English subtitles
1 hr 26 mins

Watch the trailers on YouTube (in German with English subtitles)

Ottinger’s cinematic universe has influenced entire generations. Kramer begins her documentary on Ottinger’s life and work in Lake Constance, where she shares the icon’s birthplace. The documentary includes interviews from Ottinger’s friends and colleagues over the decades and scenes from her own films, the stills of which are also on exhibit at Yuchengco Museum.

 Under Snow
    2:00 p.m.
 Ulrike Ottinger: Nomad from the Lake
    4:00 p.m.

Everyday until May 10, 2013

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