A Curious State of Mind at Da Vinci's Workshop

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You may not know it but Leonardo Da Vinci plays a large part in your everyday life.

The Italian polymath may be most notable for the Mona Lisa and the Vitruvian Man but his genius was truly remarkable, one that spanned across numerous areas of study from physics and engineering to architecture and even music.

If you’re curious and want to get to know him better, you need not spend a hefty sum for a trip to Europe.

You only need to drop by SM Mall of Asia for Da Vinci’s Workshop, an extraordinary exhibit that features 64 interactive inventions and paintings by the world-renowned Renaissance man.

Grand Launch
The grand launch was held on July 24 and I thanked my lucky stars that I had the chance to be a part of it. The exhibit has been shown in different parts of Europe and America but this is the first time it has reached Asian shores.

A look inside the exhibit
Unlike other exhibits where you can’t touch anything, Da Vinci’s Workshop is one that encourages you to move the pieces to understand their significance. Walking through the exhibit felt like I was back in my World History and Physics classes (lessons which my selective amnesiac brain has already forgotten).

Multi-Faceted Visionary
The replicas were crafted by Italian artisans who translated and deciphered Da Vinci’s sketches and drawings or codices as they are referred to. Images of these codices are shown on the label plates with the name and description of each piece.

Visit Da Vinci’s Workshop at The Exhibit Hall, 2nd Level, South Side Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia. The exhibit will run until January 2014. Tickets are at P200 each. For inquiries call 556-2153.


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