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Rick Hernandez's 2nd solo exhibit and new body of mixed media works on textile pieces entitled "Disguise The Limit" present playful juxtapositions of images. According to the artist, the idea was "to mix together images culled from various sources like old encyclopedias, magazines, brochures, biology books, and the internet. [This is achieved through] an intuitive process that takes individual images from their original meanings or contexts in order to create a whole new work, which may challenge viewers to define what is presented before them.”

Hernandez won 2nd Place in the 2012 GSIS Painting Competition, Honorable Mention in the 2001 MetroBank Painting Contest, and was a Finalist in the 2003 Philippine Art Awards. His countless exhibitions include the 2010 Asian International Art Exhibition in Mongolia. Hernandez's works are composed digitally and executed using a combination of traditional silkscreen printing and commercial heat press printing on fabric. He aims to shed light on the exploratory nature of contemporary graphic practice, perhaps arriving at a form of it which ignores distinctions between "fine" and "applied" art, hence 'disguising the limits' of both practices.

"Disguise The Limit" opens on July 22, 6pm at The ArtPrints Alley, located at LRI Design Plaza Nicanor Garcia St Bel Air II Makati City. Exhibit runs until August 8, 2013.
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