Leavings: A Solo Exhibition by Amiel Roldan at Now Gallery

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In societal perception ‘leavings’ are what is left behind after a feast. In our culture the best ‘dinuguan’ and ‘lechon paksiw’ are the leavings of feasts the night before. We enjoy it more as we take the time to savor the flavor, ruminate experiences and reflect on new memories. We have remembrance, sentiments and solace to enjoy, reflection, recognition and expectations.

After gathering the ideas, images and techniques together, I figured I could make a better feast with it, a better direction, a conclusion and a better presentation.

“Leavings: A Solo Exhibition” is my latest one man exhibition with the contemporary space Now Gallery in 2013. The series showcases and continues with acrylic paintings in different format canvases and diptychs. It is my more ambitious offering and radically shifts from my more familiarly figurative prints on paper. I guess that reinveting and embarking on with paintings is a more logical step for me to pursue. I find the simple flowing lines with brushes a cerebral comfort and a rewarding pursuit. Working more with nuances, lines, patterns, rhythm, contrasts, movement, textures, space, value and hues academic but enjoyable. They create more complicated visuals as I go through painting the pieces. Inspired more with visuals of stem cell growth and the pandemonium it is causing nowadays. I figured that they would be more like portraits rather than landscapes and representational rather than nonrepresentational.”

Now Gallery, Ecoplaza Makati
 June 4, 2013
6:00 PM

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