Ocean Stories: A collective narrative of our oceans through stills and films

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"Ocean Stories" is weaving the stories of our oceans through stills and films. It is the culminating event for two (2) awe-inspiring initiatives to capture images and moving pictures to illustrate our aspiration to protect our oceans:

Stories of the Seas (SoS) is a collection of images that illustrates what our lakes, rivers, gulfs, bays and seas mean to us as individuals, as people and as a global community. It is a collection of compelling photos depicting our relationship with out waters, be they reflections of beauty or destruction.

Manila Bay Shorts (MBS) is a festival of short films, made by student film makers, on human interest stories around Manila Bay. The festival will feature short films that highlight the social and environmental challenges faced by Manila Bay and the people whose lives are intimately linked to the bay.MBS is co-organized by Casa Duende Productions and Greenpeace Southeast Asia.

We will be exhibiting SoS's top 10 images and screening MBS's 5 short films. Get a chance to vote for your favorite entries.


July 19, 2013
1:00 PM

Cultural Center of the Philippines
CCP Complex, Roxas Boulevard
Pasay City, Philippines

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