To Sir with Love; Back to Basics Opens at MO, SAT july 13

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To Sir with Love...Last Summer with *Ethan & Coco
Paintings by Bert Antonio & *Ethan Antonio

Back to Basics
Juni Salvador

to sir with love...last summer with *ethan & coco is a work featuring a series of paintings created by Bert Antonio in collaboration with his nephew, Ethan Antonio. Following the progression of the idea behind the notion of "work breeds work", Antonio was brought to different directions in exploring his ongoing body of work (TV Series: paperview and Photocalligraphy 2), and in this instance, it was with his nephew, Ethan. The exhibition is also presented in memory of Roberto Chabet, Antonio's teacher and mentor. He creates an arbitrary connection within collaborative relationships without defining what is external in an art practice, examining the poetics in the essential, and the ideology of learning practices in determining what is possible.

Back to Basics, featuring Juni Salvador is an exhibition in continuation with Salvador's punchy thought process, in varying levels or irony and facticity. Accounting for the limitation and conditions of institutional critique, and opening up his authentic biographical experience as "an art practitioner" discussing materiality in his painting process, within analogous colors and monochromes in his palettes. He further explores sub-standards in attending exhibitions stripped from its natural form, and contemporary clich├ęs that we all participate in. True to form (in line with his past works), Salvador delineates what is critical and diverts to an acerbic, often crass, wit, with a penchant for dealing with ones own existence, within the framework of subtle irony embedded in archetypal formalism.

to sir with love...last summer with *ethan & coco and Back to Basics opens at Mospace on July 13, Saturday and the exhibition will run until August 11, 2012. The gallery is open daily from 11am to 8pm. For any inquiries please contact us at tel nos 8567915, or mobile no 0917 6683951.

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