CONFERTUM: Collecting Crowds

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José Santos III is known for his narrative trompe l’oeil in earlier works. In Confertum: Collecting Crowds, Santos III focused his gaze to still life objects. This exhibit reveals the artist’s long time fascination with how much value mundane objects can convey by virtue of assimilation or vicarious histories from lives around it. Collecting is a habit Santos III does by instinct. Grouping his finds and bringing them to his canvas, is a discrete organic decision that oscillates with and around his daily affairs. He assumes the role of an archaeologist, a memory scavenger, and a storyteller. Particularly in this exhibit, Santos III explores the discursiveness of the objects he collected to make the audience feel that beyond good skill, artists are keen in observing the world and keeping tract of its multifaceted wisdoms.

ArtInformal presents this exhibit at the U.P. Jorge Vargas Museum from 30 August to 28 September 2013. Curated by Dayang Yraola.

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