Dirty, Poorly Dressed, and Filled with Love (Contemporary Art Show)

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Dirty, Poorly Dressed, and Filled with Love at Erehwon Center for the Arts

Co-presented with Light and Space Contemporary


Buen Abrigo, Dean Africa, Allan Balisi, Gino Bueza, Gino Javier, Neil Callado, Patrick Cruz, Julius Redillas, Jason Paul Tecson, Joseph Tecson, Steven Burce, Andre Baldovino, Genavee Lazaro, Jason Pasion, Albert Sy, Ian Fabro, David Viray, Nicol Mesina, Roman Soleno, Miguel Puyat, Kelvin Atmadibrata, Ayka Go, Jack Giron, Inna Llamas, Kat Francisco, Chloe Dellosa, Sherry Paddon, Oswaldo Ruiz

Video works by: Ogi Sugatan, Ditas Santiago, Kaloy Olavides

August 30- October 10, 2013
Opening on August 30, 2013 Friday at 6pm


TEL: +632 3843507
ADDRESS: 1 Don Francisco St., Villa Beatriz, Old Balara, Quezon City, 1119, Philippines


Mon – Sat 10am to 9pm
Sunday by appointment only

On August 2013, Erehwon Center for the Arts will present, Dirty, Poorly Dressed, and Filled with love. The exhibition is co-presented by Light and Space Contemporary and will feature works by thirty-five artists. The exhibit is dominated by a series of expressionistic paintings, fueled by rage and a sense of closeted romanticism. At key selections the works radiate a kind of visionary fury. The exhibit aims to portray artists and their subjects as inhabitants of a violent world but one that could still be poetic, even tender. It celebrates the artistic life and art’s possibility to uplift souls as a kind of salvation.

The selected works are powerful forms of expression that address issues within urban culture and identity. The exhibition title is taken from a verse in Roberto Bolano’s poem “Dirty, Poorly Dressed.” The motivation is in showing a universal human experience through the mostly abstracted figures and landscapes that somewhat reflect artistic struggles from wrestling with ideas, physical limitations, and repressions which emerge from the canvas to confront viewers with imagery that is simultaneously repelling, sensual, and familiar. These paintings and sculptures communicate a range of emotions such as lust, violence, and regret. Forms of contemporary art, as fulfilled in this exhibition, become a perfect vehicle for solidarity, and also in raising questions about disquieting behavioral phenomena.

This exhibition will be accompanied by a publication.

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