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Apol Sta. Maria and Rob Cham are selling out! 1000 drawings! Both collab and solo pieces!

There will be bands, music, art, friends, people, philosophical debates, otherworldly encounters, food, SaGuijo regulars, SaGuijo irregulars, Lions and Tigers, Love, Pare, and many more!

(musical acts to be announced soon.)

Ano yung Concept ng exhibit?
You can read about it here or sa comic na-inupload natin. (scroll down)

We're selling 1000 drawings! The price of each drawing will be a mystery. Nasa likod ng artwork siya. You will only find out if you decide to buy it.

1. Check out the art! Like or not like the art!
2. Pick something you like! Or Not!
3. Buy it if you like!
4. The price will be a secret until you pick, once you pick, flip it over to reveal the sur-price!
5. Pay us if you like.
6. Repeat!
7. Hug us

Pocket Universe Art Collective
2nd Floor, saGuijo Cafe   Bar
7612 Guijo St., San Antonio Village, Makati

August 15, 2013

visit the event page in Facebook here

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