1335MABINI Presents: El Intruso/ Entremetido

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1335MABINI:Zn Gallery is pleased to present “el intruso/ e n t r e m e t i d o”, a group exhibition curated by Guillermo Paneque featuring works by Poklong Anading, Roberto Bellini, Anna Katrina Beltran, Roberto Chabet, Maria Cruz, David Griggs, Nilo Ilarde, Robert Langenegger, Manuel Ocampo, Jayson Oliveria, Maria Taniguchi and MM Yu, a film by Jorgen Leth, speakers and caps collected by Romeo Lee, and a selection of found objects and rumors.

“El intruso/ e n t r e m e t i d o” features works that represent a broad range of practices, including film, site-specific installation, painting, photography and sculpture, many of whom use non-traditional materials in an unexpected manner. All these artworks have been “choreographed” together with a collection of objects and “rumors” from disparate origins, also speaking about our relations with objects and our fascination with them (Romeo Lee´s being a good example), to establish affinities and correspondences between different cultural, historical and disciplinary spaces and temporalities. Most of the artworks have been shown before, but as Paneque says: “What was attractive to me was to let them speak again in a different context and see what happened…My approach wasn´t master-planned and subject centered; instead it appeared to grow organically out of a dialogic and associative process of research, more related to the workings of a picaresque novel where one event leads to another through accidents, unexpected detours and oblique associations. In each room there is the sketch of a possible scene that cannot be summed up in simple words but which invite the viewer to experience it and engage in a new dialogue”.

“el intruso” is an ongoing project conceived by the artist Guillermo Paneque. It could be described as a “Chinese whispering novel” with new chapters exhibited in different cities. The first installment was at Michel Soskine gallery in Madrid, 2012.

September 7, 2013
4:00 PM

1335 A. Mabini St., Ermita, Manila,

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