"HANTIK" Amer Mira's first solo exhibition

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HANTIK: Amer Mira Solo Exhibition at Boston Gallery

A memory of a place permeates much of our thinking of who we are. Deep in our souls, we often seek for a sense of identity and belonging from places we’ve been to, as well as to objects, personalities and lifestyle that defines our memory with them. Our attachment to these experiences is what shapes and gives color to these memories.

In Hantik, young artist Amer Mira presents a psychedelic depiction of a memory of a place. Hantik came from the name that refers to the large red ants called hamtik or hantik-hantik that abounds the area of the province of Antique located in the region of Western Visayas. In this series of seven paintings, Mira transformed the everyday into a dream-like world, through his colorfully inverted images of landscapes, still life and figures culled from his recollections of life in Antique.

Reminiscing on his childhood memories in this place, Mira brought to the fore the significance of remembering the spirit of a place in dealing with our needs as humans to belong. In “Dapog,” the artist captured a clean-cut still life composition of an old cooking setup in his home in Antique where it is also widely used even during the early times. While in “Luk-ad”, Mira symbolically framed the element of time, recalling the family’s quarterly schedule of harvesting coconuts and preparing them for copra. The province is abundant in resources, given its fertile land and the sea. Believing in the fate that life here is all about one’s courage to create strategies to survive whether by tilling the mountains or harvesting the wealth of the sea is what the artist intend to portray in “Dungka” and “Tuklad.”

Hantik is about re-creating a landscape of a memory as interpreted by our minds. And to understand ourselves we need to look searchingly at our own landscapes for they are a clue to our shared system of beliefs, ideologies, myths, history and culture.

Amer Mira studied fine arts at the Philippine Women’s University in 2006. He had participated in several
group exhibitions including Freshly Brewed, Republikha Gallery, Quezon City in 2011, Pleasing the Future, Altromondo Gallery, Makati, Young Artist, China House Space, Penang Malaysia, SAGE Jog II, Perahu Gallery, Yogjakarta, Indonesia, and Sama-Sama, Boston Gallery, Cubao, in 2012. Amer Mira was a resident artist in Project Space Pilipinas’ Neo-Emerging Artist Residency in 2010 and one of the exchange artists in the Southeast Asian Artists Group Exchange Residency (SAGER II) held in the cities of Kuala Lumpur, Jogjakarta and Manila in 2011 to 2012. Hantik is Amer Mira’s first solo exhibition.

Exhibit runs until October 8, 2013

Boston Gallery
Boston street, Cubao
Quezon City

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