Sputnik Dreams by Jonathan Ching

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"A short story is a flower; a novel is a job,” Lorrie Moore once wrote in an introductory essay to an anthology of American short stories. It is part of a longer list of metaphors that sought to define the character of the shorter narrative, whose merits are sometimes overshadowed by those of its sinewy brother. In arguing for the genre’s virtues, she notes that “a short story’s very shortness ensures its largeness of accomplishment, its selfhood and purity."

“Sputnik Dreams”, Ching’s first one-show at Silverlens Galleries, can be seen then as a collection of curt narratives with their own independent intentions. They all proceed from a memorable image that arrested the artist’s attention, and which he had made his own, either by appropriation, by manipulation and most innovatively, by intervention.

Ching, a UP fine arts graduate, prefers to agitate his paintings with sculptural figures: birds, shellfish, seahorses, snakes and shoes. This technique endows his treatment of the image a literary quality. The works jump off from various springboards. They are often images that strongly resonate in the artist’s life or to a work of fiction that stays in his mind. But once they land on Ching's canvases, they take their own trajectories.

For more details, please call (63 2) 816-0044, (63 917) 587-4011 or email:

Silverlens Gallery
YMC Bldg.
2320 Pasong Tamo Ext.
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Thursday September 19, 2013 - Saturday October 19, 2013


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