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2 Women Art Exhibit by Mitch Garcia and Shenandoah Pacete

The Sweetest Hell Ever!
A short review on Sweet Inferno
A two-woman visual art exhibition
By Shenandoah Pacete and Mitch Garcia
At the Oarhouse Pub of Manila
Malate, Manila Philippines

On Dante’s point of view on Inferno

Inferno (Italian for "Hell") is the first part of Dante's 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy.

The poem starts on Maundy Thursday in the year 1300. The narrator, Dante himself, is thirty-five years old, and thus "halfway along our life's path" (Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita)—half of the Biblical life expectancy of seventy (Psalms 89:10, Vulgate). The poet finds himself lost in a dark wood in front of a mountain, assailed by three beasts (a lion, a lonza [usually rendered as "leopard" or "leopon"], and a she-wolf) he cannot evade. Unable to find the "straight way" (diritta via, also translatable as "right way") to salvation, he is conscious that he is ruining himself and falling into a "deep place" (basso loco) where the sun is silent (l sol tace).
Dante is at last rescued by the Roman poet Virgil, who claims to have been sent by Beatrice, and the two of them begin their journey to the underworld. Each sin's punishment in Inferno is acontrapasso, a symbolic instance of poetic justice; for example, fortune-tellers have to walk forward with their heads on backward, unable to see what is ahead, because they tried to see the future through forbidden means. Such a contrapasso "functions not merely as a form of divine revenge, but rather as the fulfilment of a destiny freely chosen by each soul during his or her life.

Dante passes through the gate of Hell, which bears an inscription, the ninth (and final) line of which is the famous phrase "Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate", or "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

Dan Brown’s description of Inferno “Manila as the Gates of Hell”

Presently fictionist Dan Brown’s Inferno depicts that manila as the Gates of Hell because of over population, six hours traffic jam, massive level of poverty and total megalopolis chaos. Which bring Filipino netizens immediately jumped on the bandwagon and started throwing virtual tomatoes at the novel. Yet after reading the novel, I can attest that Brown did not mean any harm. Rather, he was merely illustrating facts that are normally touted in the media. True, traffic jams do not normally last for six hours, but Manila, as the most populated city in the world, has its merits. What the Filipino nation should do well to remember is that Dan Brown is a fiction author. Inferno, like the other Robert Langdon books are fiction. Any similarities to living or similar places could be labelled as coincidence.

The Sweetest Depiction of Hell Ever

If Manila is the Gates of Hell; this is the sweetest hell ever. Because of these two ladies Mitch Garcia and Shenandoah Pacete which depicts Inferno in colourful, lively, energetic and heavenly yet flammable execution. Shenan’s powerful illustrations of portraits that subjects inner emotions thru her personal experiences, delivering her own colourful allegory and its hard strokes yet controlled soft curve lines her elements on every artworks shows her dark emotions that delivered in colourful polite compositions which tends the balance between the form and content. Using her pencil, ink and acrylics as her weapon of mass destruction she gracefully fight over the paper battlefield to destroy the hell out of the dark emotions and bringing her illustration back into the path of illumination. While Mitch’s functional packaging installation of thousands of customized handmade match boxes in various subjects depicts the megalopolis manila urban image overload -it is the best description of the city and its flammable state. Beating fire against fire is her own way to beat the system, for her it is the antibody formula; beating the virus by the virus itself, her irrational formula and destructive catharsis. To be apply on how to freeze the hell over. This exhibit was conceptualized as a tribute to our late mentor Dante Perez and one of his last exhibits "Inferno" with Mitch Garcia last year at The Bar @ 1951.

Happening this Friday the 13th of September, 2013 7pm at The Oarhouse Pub of Manila, 1688-B Jorge Bocobo Street Malate Manila 1004 Philippines.

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